Current status and future prospects of Tsushima area

Tsushima is located XNUMXkm northwest of Iki, and although it is the northernmost part of Japan, it is the closest to the Korean Peninsula, only XNUMXkm, and is a remote island with internationality.The size of the island is XNUMXkmXNUMX, which is the third largest in Japan after Sado Island and Amami Oshima.The east and west of the island is only XNUMXkm, but the north and south is as long as XNUMXkm.The Japanese archipelago was connected to the continent long ago, but its remnants remain in the flora and fauna of Tsushima.Positionally, it was destined to act as a bridge between the continent and Japan. As the record of the island is left in the "Wei Shi Yajinden", it has been a point of contact with the continent since ancient times and has been a key point of traffic.

The population of Tsushima is XNUMX, but it is declining, the outflow of young people is conspicuous, and it is suffering from depopulation and aging.The island is composed of six towns, and the center of administration, culture, and education is Izuhara Town, which is closer to the south.The town has a population of XNUMX and an area of ​​XNUMX kmXNUMX.From there, north, there are towns, towns, peak towns, towns, and Kamitsushima towns.Most of Tsushima is mountainous and there are very few plains.Therefore, there are few roads and the roads are curved, which makes traffic in the towns physically difficult, which is an obstacle to the development of the island.The only artery is National Highway XNUMX.The landscape of the island is so beautiful that it is designated as a national park together with Iki.In particular, the bay in the center is a drowned valley, the cove with complex terrain is graceful, and the view from the small Uemizaka is breathtaking.

Next, let's list the issues and problems that Tsushima has and explore the direction for them.

* Tsushima Airport created by carving out the top of the mountain

(XNUMX) Similar to Iki, the population is flat or slightly decreasing, and the depopulation phenomenon is slowly progressing.As with Iki, the aging of the population is progressing.Along with aggressive regional industrial promotion, promotion of U-turns for young people by new industrial locations, and employment measures for young people, it is necessary to carry out drastic "island reform".

(XNUMX) In Tsushima, XNUMX% of the total area is covered with mountains of XNUMX-XNUMXm class, and the flat land is scarce.In addition, it is extremely difficult to carve out mountains to form a city from topographical and geological (mostly sedimentary rock) conditions.Therefore, in order to connect each district with an expressway as a main transportation line, a tunnel is used to connect the mountains.In addition, by making full use of the tunnel technology, a "mountain city" is formed by hollowing out mountains and steep mountains.Alternatively, a part where the mountaintop is continuously hills can form a "hilltop town" with a good view.By doing so, it is necessary to create a development method unique to Tsushima.Granite produced by hollowing out the inside of the island is in extremely high demand on the mainland.

③ Tsushima is located at almost the same distance between the mainland and South Korea.At present, the positional conditions close to those of South Korea are not being utilized.It is not difficult to imagine that the opening of the Japan-Korea Tunnel will push Tsushima to an extremely advantageous international stage.From now on, it is necessary to establish the concept of "super international region" as "super international region".


* The state of Izuhara city, which is the largest in Tsushima

(XNUMX) Similar to the Iki area, the Tsushima area also exposes the complexity of administrative authority, economic area, and geographical area.If Nagasaki Prefecture is always in the same position as the Goto Islands, the question will be how far Tsushima, which is at the forefront of internationalization, can withstand the prefectural administration.The more the Japan-Korea tunnel becomes apparent, the more Tsushima becomes an important "dejima to the continent" in Nagasaki Prefecture.It is necessary to consider how Tsushima is likely to appear on the international cypress stage from the administrative and economic aspects.

⑤ Among the many beautiful zones in Tsushima, Aso Bay in the center of the island is an outstanding view.While making the best use of nature, we should consider the development around the bay and the active use of wind and light.Pearl farming in Aso Bay is promoted as a local industry and is also positioned as an important tourism resource in the event of internationalization.

(XNUMX) The development of an airport where large jet aircraft can take off and land is essential for the super-regionalization and internationalization of Tsushima.

Proposal to New Tsushima

Based on the above characteristics and issues of Tsushima, let's think about what kind of image the region should be rather than the region when the Japan-Korea Tunnel opens.

First, if you list the images that New Tsushima wants to have,


* Izuhara Port where regular ferries and sightseeing boats call

① Internationality and sociability
② Cultural and academic
③ Extraordinary / non-Japanese (exotic)



Since Tsushima is almost impossible to develop in terms of topography and geology, base development should be carried out by selecting priority areas.

As a candidate site for the priority development area

① Izuhara / Uemizaka district (Izuhara Town)
② Aso Bay Outer Zone (Mitsushima Town, Toyotama Town)
③ Hida Masaru district (Kamitsushima Town)
④ Of the four districts (straddling six towns) of the sea god district (the district around the sea god shrine that straddles Mine Town and Kamiagata Town), the Soto district is also included.

Next, let's randomly list the projects that should be specifically attracted.

① International Convention Center
International conference center, hotel, various sports facilities, health facilities, shopping facilities.
② International Medical Center
International comprehensive adult disease medical facility.It will be a mecca for research and development of intractable adult diseases that are common throughout the world, including cancer research for an aging society.A medical university, an affiliated hospital, and a long-term medical treatment facility will also be set up.
③ International Life Science Center
Researchers from various countries will come together to conduct joint research on the research and development of the part that is the point of contact between the natural sciences and the social sciences and that is most related to human life.For example, research on interferon.
④ Marine leisure base
Marine sports club facilities and accommodation facilities centered on the marina will be established in conjunction with the functions of ①, ②, and ③.The marina will have an ultra-luxury image centered on large cruisers, and will be fully equipped with facilities that allow navigation to high-class marina (Greece, Spain, etc.) around the world.

Looking at the suitability of each attraction facility for the above candidate sites, it is roughly as follows.


* Overlooking Aso Bay from Manzeki Bridge


① Izuhara / Uemizaka / Tsutsu district
Marine leisure base (Izuhara is the center of all districts)

② Aso Bay outer zone
International Convention Center
③ Hida Masaru district
International Medical Center  
④ Ina / Kaijin district
International Life Science Center


Of these, (XNUMX) and (XNUMX) are limited base developments, but (XNUMX) and (XNUMX) are likely to be fairly extensive regional developments.Especially for marina installation, it will be necessary to change the existing form quite artificially and positively.In consideration of the redevelopment of the central area of ​​Izuhara, a waterfront with a marina will be constructed and a group of hotels will be constructed.In addition, the international convention facility built around Aso Bay in (XNUMX) will be the most international featured product in the Kyushu area.

Requirements for the "New Islands Concept"

With the opening of the Japan-Korea Tunnel, Iki will become a part of Kyushu and become the mainland of Japan, and will be positioned as a "suburb" of Fukuoka City and Karatsu City, and will become a "dream resort residential area".On the other hand, Tsushima will not be converted into a residential area or mainland due to the distance from the mainland and the handicap of the terrain, but will be pulled toward the continent and "internationalization" will progress.Development based on the premise of internationalization will be base development rather than face-to-face development, and various methods will be taken.

In any case, both islands will be reborn as New Islands.Therefore, I would like to list the development requirements for the creation of New Islands common to both islands.

(XNUMX) Creating an island of people and hearts, creating a town.It is not that money and things come first, but people, and people in the region, must work together to share their wisdom and always take leadership in development.

(XNUMX) Infrastructure development and development will not progress easily without the financial subsidies and cooperation of the national, prefectural, and local governments at their respective levels.In order to introduce various systems, it is necessary to fully formulate a preceding plan.

(XNUMX) Public funds should be mainly used for infrastructure development, and the islanders should expect the vitality of private companies or outside private companies for the construction of fine goods.The key to development is how to lead "private activities".

(XNUMX) Development by the "third sector method" through public-private cooperation is also an effective means.Especially for housing development in Iki, a semi-governmental and semi-private organization such as "Iki Resort Development Corporation" would be perfect for creating an ideal town.

(XNUMX) In order to create international facilities (especially in the case of Tsushima), it is necessary to introduce funds at the national and corporate levels of other countries.It is also possible to attract foreign-affiliated companies.In addition, the reduction of airfares, which is about to be reviewed, is also indispensable for the development of Iki and Tsushima.

⑥ "Development of the mind" is an urgent task.The realization of the Japan-Korea Tunnel will unquestionably challenge the dignity of the Japanese as an international person.It is necessary to "develop the mind" and "internationalize the mind" not only for the people of both islands but for the Japanese as a whole.It is essential to make efforts to change the character and system of Japanese people, who are closed to foreigners, to something that is open to the outside world.

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