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29 years since the groundbreaking ceremony of the Japan-Korea Tunnel-January issue of on-site news

◆ XNUMX years since the groundbreaking ceremony of the Japan-Korea tunnel
In the New Year at the site of the Nagoya Castle Ruins in Karatsu, the wind was stronger due to the cold waves southward from the continent, and the first sunrise was in the clouds.


This year marks the 1986th year since the groundbreaking ceremony in October 10.Yasuo Sasa, the first chairman, and some other people involved at the time have died, and those who were young at the time are now in their old age.Nevertheless, this Japan-Korea Tunnel Project has been steadily inherited as a concrete measure for the realization of world peace.Although it is still in the early stages from the tunnel plan with a total length of 29 km, last year we were able to install a wellhead in Tsushima, and Iki has reached the stage of surveying for the start of construction.


I would like to report on the current situation of the scene, hoping that the Prime Minister of Japan and the President of South Korea will shake hands on the border of the Tsushima West Strait and the Japan-Korea Tunnel will be upgraded to a "national project". Since the groundbreaking ceremony 29 years ago, the excavation work of the survey inclined shaft has been carried out for three phases, and the inclined shaft with a diameter of 6 m has been dug up to 540 m. The tunnel, which goes down 4m when going 1m, reaches 300m above sea level at XNUMXm from the entrance and extends to the underground world below sea level.Since the focus of construction has shifted to Tsushima, there are no plans for construction in Karatsu, but you can see the whole picture of the Japan-Korea tunnel concept.



[Photo] Karatsu / Nagoya Castle Ruins Around the wellhead


Above the inclined shaft is an observatory built toward the west. With a 360-degree view, you can see the ruins of Nagoya Castle, which Toyotomi Hideyoshi used as a sortie base for "Korean troops" 400 years ago, and the four Yobuko islands line up in front of it."Kabe Island" is in the foreground, and "Ogawa Island", "Kakara Island", and "Matsushima" are lined up in front of it.The main mine, which comes from Karatsu city in the east and Hakata on the right, goes west toward the southeastern part of Iki, 28 km away, via these islands.The island of Iki that can be seen beyond the Genkai Sea is felt big, and please feel the closeness of this sense of distance.


“Korean troop dispatch” is a sad event in the history of Japan and South Korea, but Japan has been deeply involved with South Korea, the peninsula, and the continent since the time around Prince Shotoku 1400 years ago, and even back in the Yayoi period.Kakarajima is "Nihon Shoki", and when the younger brother of King Baekje came to Japan as a messenger and the woman who accompanied him was born on the verge of landing in Karatsu, he hurriedly settled on this island and got a boy. It is written that he gave birth to.It is said that this boy became King Muryeong, the 25th king of Baekje, and was nicknamed King Shima by the people.


The tomb of the king remains in Gongju, South Korea.
Historically, Japan and South Korea had a "close and close country" relationship.The number of visitors from South Korea last year was close to 400, and some people are planting commemorative trees.In addition to pine trees and cherry blossoms, magnolias, ginkgo trees and common hibiscus trees lined up on the tunnel site.The number of visitors to the inclined shaft is increasing year by year, and the number of visitors for the year 2014 exceeded 1,500, approaching the groundbreaking ceremony.When I hear the visitors happily saying that Yobuko's "Ikizukuri of squid" is delicious, I am proud that it has contributed to the local community to some extent.


How do you contribute to the realization of world peace? You may be able to feel something by asking yourself questions on the borderline, which is "unusual" beyond "everyday".



[Photo] Iki, 28 km from the observatory, is on the right in the center of Matsushima.

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