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Annual logistics profit of Japan-Korea tunnel is 2253 billion yen

Logistics, annual profit 2253 billion yen

Japan-Korea Tunnel Use / Balance Forecast Seinan Gakuin University, Professor Noda Estimate

Professor Toshiyasu Noda (development theory) of Seinan Gakuin University summarized the usage and income and expenditure forecasts for the concept of a "Japan-Korea tunnel" from South Korea to Kyushu via Tsushima and Iki.Logistics estimates annual operating income to be 2253 billion yen.Passengers were excluded from the estimation, but said, "One-day trip areas will be formed in southern Korea and the Kyushu and Chugoku regions, and new tourism demand is expected."Professor Noda is a former director of the Comprehensive Planning Division, Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Bureau.He also considered the Japan-Korea tunnel.This time, we received a survey request from the Japan-Korea Tunnel Realization Kyushu Liaison Council. Assuming that construction will start in 2020 and the service will start in 30 years, the total freight transportation volume is recommended and estimated from the transportation results with Russia and China.North Korea without diplomatic relations is calculated based on the population ratio with South Korea.Reflecting the usage status of the Channel Tunnel, it was 3276 million tons and 655 million TEU (20 TEU is one 1-foot container).


18 railroads are needed to carry this amount. The toll per car is about 1 yen for the English-French tunnel, so it is set at 45 million yen, which is about five times as much as the distance.Annual revenue is expected to be 5 billion yen, and operating income is expected to be 225 billion yen by applying the profit margin of the English-French tunnel.


We also considered how to raise funds and repay for construction.The construction cost is estimated to be 10 trillion yen.Of this amount, 4 trillion yen will be covered by investment, and 3 trillion yen will be financed (interest rate 6%) 3 years and 1 years after the start of construction. It is expected that if the principal and interest are redeemed evenly from the start of service for 30 years, it will be paid off in 35 to 38 years.Professor Noda said, "Peace and stability in East Asia will be realized, and it will be feasible if sufficient investment and soft loans (loans with loose loan conditions) are supplied."The Japan-Korea Tunnel has been planned since before the war, and was proposed by Obayashi Corporation as part of the Eurasian Driveway concept in 1980.Currently, the International Highway Foundation (Tokyo) is proceeding with the construction of an inclined shaft for research in the three cities of Tsushima, Iki, and Karatsu, Saga Prefecture. (Atsushi Goto)



Nagasaki Shimbun
"Japan-Korea Tunnel" Logistics profit is expected to be XNUMX billion yen annually. Usage and income and expenditure via Tsushima and Iki are predicted. Expansion of day trip area New tourism demand

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