Kanetsu / Seikan / Tokyo Bay Crossing Road (Tunnel)

Kanetsu tunnel

Kanetsu tunnel equipment

* Inside the road tunnel (Kanetsu tunnel)

* Fig. 1 (Cross section of Kanetsu tunnel)

* Fig. 2 (Seikan Tunnel positional relationship diagram: cross-sectional view)

Overview of Kanetsu Tunnel

* Figure 3 (Outline of ventilation of Kanetsu tunnel)

Seikan / Tokyo Bay Crossing Road (Tunnel)

Cross-sectional shape of the Seikan / Tokyo Bay crossing tunnel

* Fig. 4 (Position map of the sky section of the Seikan Tunnel)

* Figure-5 (Sky section inside the tunnel across Tokyo Bay)

Outline of Seikan Tunnel

Seikan Tunnel / Construction Site

* Advanced boring method

* Inside the tunnel at the time of construction

* Injection method

* Inside the tunnel after the construction is completed

Ventilation system for the Tokyo Bay crossing road (tunnel) (Source: Civil engineering technology 1997)

* Figure-13 (Rendering of tunnel)

* Figure-14 (Tunnel equipment / inspection equipment diagram)

  • Nagoya Castle Survey of Japan-Korea Tunnel

  • Overview of the Japan-Korea Tunnel

  • project

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