Euro tunnel

Eurotunnel ventilation system

* Source: "Engineering the channel Tunnel"

Underground Site Of Eurotunnel (Photo Source: Eurotunnel)

* Marine rail tunnel north TBM in UK crossover cavern.

* Movement of marine rail tunnel north TBM through UK crossover cavern.

* Folkestone Terminal, aerial view.

* Breakthrough of Marine rail tunnel north TBM in UK.

* Muck train at rear of TBM in UK land running tunnel.

* Shakespeare Cliff site in operation

Inside the Le Shuttle

* Source: "Engineering the channel Tunnel"

* Vehicle limit in Le Shuttle

Comparison of Shinkansen and France / TGV

Shinkansen / Tokaido


1,435 mm

Body width

3.4m (conventional width 3.0m = reduced construction limit)

Allowable axle load


Electrification method

Single-phase AC 25KV, 60Hz
(Since the power system east of the Fuji River is 50Hz, it is converted to 60Hz by a frequency converter.) All Shinkansen trains are connected at Tokyo Station.However, due to the difference in electrification system, the railroad tracks do not connect to Tokaido and Tohoku / Joetsu, and the platform has two lines on one side to handle trains on the Tohoku / Joetsu Shinkansen.

For trains only

・ Reduced load on track boards and bridges
・ Simplify track wiring at stations and depots

traffic lights

Systematization of all train operations
・ Developed automatic train control (ATC)
・ Adopts centralized train control (CTC)
(The train position is grasped in the central command room, and the turnout at the station is also remotely controlled from the command room)

Euro tunnel


1,435 mm

Electrification method

Single-phase AC 25KV, 50Hz Overhead line type


・ Fork strike 132KV
・ Freton 225KV

Electric wire

Built in the work tunnel
Feeding section is installed at the entrance of the tunnel and in the center (when one of the substations goes down, it is extended from the other substation to feed the train. In this case, the train speed is reduced to reduce the load on the substation. cut back)

The electric system is 3 electric SNCF and submarine tunnel AC 25KV, 50Hz, SNCB DC 3KV and BR DC 750V third rail (these are switched while driving).

・ For conventional lines: 2 electric type (AC 25KV, 50Hz and 1,500V)
・ For Swiss entry: 3 electric type (AC 25KV, 50Hz AC 15KV, 16Hz, and DC 1,500V)
・ For Belgian entry: 3 electric type (AC 25KV, 50Hz DC 1,500V, and 3,000V)

Signal system

・ Adopts the same TVN430 as the TGV-Northern Europe route
・ Train course control is computer controlled except in an emergency
・ The number of trains that can be operated is 20 per hour one way.

Body width

2.8m (applies the vehicle limit of the smallest BR)


Induction motor drive with VVVF inverter control using GTO
(A moving bogie is also installed on the passenger car bogie next to the locomotive)
(Locomotive mass 68t, axle load 17t)

Traffic environment

The area of ​​France is 1.6 times that of Japan, of which the plains are about 80% and the population is half, so the population density of the plains is about one-thirteenth (about the same as Hokkaido).

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