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Nagoya investigation inclined shaft site of -Korea tunnel

Japan-Korea Tunnel/Kyushu Karatsu Investigation Incline Shaft (Phase 1 to Phase 3 construction section)

Japan-Korea Tunnel Karatsu-Nagoya Inclined Shaft

The history of the construction site of the survey inclined shaft in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture (PDF/photo)

  • (From January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012)
  • I. Assets
  • Ⅰ-1. Current assets
  • Ⅰ-2. Fixed assets
  • II. Liabilities Section
  • II-1. Current liabilities
  • III. Net Assets Section

Japan-Korea Tunnel Project/Kyushu Karatsu Investigation Inclined Shaft Phase 3 Construction Temporary Design Plan Summary

Planning Agency: International Highway Construction Agency
Executing Agency: Kyokuto Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.


1. Equipment overview

About five years have passed since the start of construction of the inclined shaft for investigation, and the construction of the first and second phases of the inclined shaft has been almost completed, and we will enter the stage of temporary equipment replacement as originally planned.
Temporary equipment for the second phase construction, especially the capacity of the hoisting winch, etc., corresponds to the excavation length of about 500m. hoisting ability is required. In addition, it is necessary to plan the expansion of power receiving equipment, water supply equipment, drainage equipment, air supply equipment, and ventilation equipment. In addition, along with the extension of the construction work, it will be necessary to newly install muddy water treatment facilities, injection facilities, etc. However, if it is necessary to continue excavation for the time being, it will be possible to change the hoisting winch power receiving equipment and add some other equipment.

2. Change of winding equipment

The equipment (PUC-20T) of about 500m until the 2nd construction is as shown after the item, but the specification conditions of the equipment will differ greatly as the excavation length increases from the 3rd construction onwards.
The outline is shown below.

Basic conditions
Tunnel inclination angle: θ=14°02′
Angled shaft length: L¹=1400m
Hoisting distance: L²=1500m
Cargo weight: mining car 2700kgf/car x 2 cars = 5400kgf
Contents of ore car: 1.7tf/m³ x 4.3m³ x 2 = 15300kgf
Person car: 12-seater
Hoisting speed: v=150m/min

The ☆ mark is the same for both Koshamaki and Jinshamaki.

Equipment specification
Ore car hoist
Loading condition
W¹ Ore weight 2700kgf×2=5400kgf
Load 1700kgf/m³×4.5m³/car=15300kgf
∴W¹ =5400+15300
=20700kgf W² Wire rope weight 2.59kg/m×1500=3885kgf
rope tension
P = W¹ (sin θ + μcos θ) + W² (sin θ + μ′ cos θ) = 20700 (sin 14°02′ + 1/60 cos 14°02′) + 3885 (sin 14°02′ + 1/10 cos 14°02′) = 5430 + 1320 = 6750 ≒ 6800 kgf
motor output
rope safety factor

Rope diameter used: φ25 (tough rope)
Breaking force used: BS = 50.1 tf
Operation shall be manual operation from the winding room.
However, operation in a certain section (pithead → bottom of the hole) is automatically accelerated → full speed → decelerated → stopped. The stop switch and tolerance switch will be relocated because the face changes as the excavation progresses.
2-2-2 Mancar winch 1)
Loading condition
W¹ Weight of man and car 7160kgf (including hanging hardware)
W² Weight of wire rope 1.99×1500m=2985 kgf
rope tension
motor output
rope safety factor

Rope diameter used: φ22 (tough rope)
Breaking force used: BS = 38.5 tf
the same as the mining car winch

3. power equipment

1) Electric capacity ①Compressor 150kw
② Repair shop 20kw
③ Blower 60kw x 2 = 120kw
④ Hoist A) 220kw (for scraping)
B) 110kw (for passenger cars)
⑤ Plant equipment 22kw
⑥Spraying machine 11kw
⑦Jumbo drill 220kw
⑧ Lifting pump 15kw
(9) Lighting power 40kw
⑩Others 20kw
total 948kw


The total electric power used in this construction is 948kw, but the plant equipment (22kw) and the sprayer (15kw) will not be used during excavation. Also, since the jumbo drill and the hoist for dumping are not used at the same time, a contract power of 700kw is considered sufficient.

Cross-sectional view of the survey inclined shaft construction site in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture (new winch)

*The construction has been completed and one track has been removed.


*The site of the 3rd phase construction (center is the entrance of the inclined shaft)


* There are 2 top and bottom for the muck hauler.


* The white building is equipped with a winding machine.


Plan view of the construction site of the survey inclined shaft in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture (new winch)

Construction site of the survey inclined shaft in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture (layout layout)

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