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A special interview with Stephen Costello has been published.

A special interview with Stephen Costello (66), a visiting professor at the Institute of Korean Studies at George Washington University, was published on PeaceRoad.

On August 21, I met him at the ``Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel Conference Invited by Professor Stefan Costello,'' hosted by the Korea-Japan Tunnel Research Association in Haeundae, Busan. Last April, after Kim Jong-in, chairman of the ``People's Power'' emergency response committee, announced that he would ``actively consider promoting a Korea-Japan submarine tunnel,'' ``promotion of a Korea-Japan submarine tunnel'' was announced in the Busan mayoral by-election. It caused a huge stir and once again became an opportunity for public opinion in Busan to take a big interest. I asked him what he thought about the prospects for the Korea-Japan submarine tunnel project.

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