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An interview article with the Secretary General was published in the Business Journal.

An article interviewing Koichi Yokota, Secretary General of the Japan-Korea Tunnel Promotion National Conference, was published in the Business Journal on April 21, 2021.



In 2008, Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda and President Lee Myung-bak held a Japan-Korea summit meeting, and based on the results, the Japan-Korea New Era Joint Research Project report was released in 2010. The same year marked the 100th anniversary of the annexation of Japan and Korea in 1910. The report makes 21 recommendations, one of which is the promotion of undersea tunnels. This is very important.



The full article can be viewed below.

Will the rapidly emerging "Japan-Korea submarine tunnel" concept come true in South Korea? Yoshiro Mori and Ichiro Ozawa were also interested in

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