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Planting 200 cherry trees in Tsushima, Iki, and Karatsu-International Highway Foundation News April 2014 issue

◆ XNUMX cherry trees were planted in Tsushima, Iki, and Karatsu to create a cherry blossom garden.



In Tsushima, prior to the start of construction of the Japan-Korea Tunnel Aren Slope, work was done to plant cherry trees on the premises and create a "Sakura Garden". This is because the "International Highway Project" aims not only to construct roads but also to actively contribute to the economic development and environmental improvement of the region.The cherry blossoms were provided by the courtesy of Yoshiharu Kanazawa, the chairman of the Kanagawa Prefectural Council for the Promotion of the Japan-Korea Tunnel.XNUMX trees are planted in Tsushima, XNUMX trees in Iki, XNUMX trees in Karatsu, and in the future, XNUMX trees will be planted to become a famous place for cherry blossoms.


On March XNUMXth in Tsushima, XNUMX local workers, XNUMX construction company personnel, and XNUMX workers from the foundation took XNUMX days, XNUMX from the foundation from XNUMXth to XNUMXth in Iki, and XNUMX in Karatsu. Trees were planted with local collaborators on the day.Tsushima is also a rocky island, and it takes time to dig a hole, and it is also necessary to soften the soil so that the roots can grow easily, so the excavator car was active.In addition, there is a risk of death due to water shortage and deer and wild boar eating seedlings.In that case, a fence must be placed to protect the tree.


[XNUMX trees are planted in Tsushima along the sloped pit site and the work road leading to it]



◆ Yoshiharu Kanazawa / Japan-Korea Tunnel Promotion Kanagawa Prefectural Council Chairman Donates Cherry Blossom Saplings

Mr. Kanazawa, who provided the cherry tree saplings, was instrumental in realizing the Tokyo Bay crossing road and is enthusiastic about planting cherry trees.Last year, he visited the sites of Karatsu and Tsushima and is playing an active role in realizing the Japan-Korea tunnel.

[XNUMX trees planted in Iki]



[XNUMX trees planted on the site of the Karatsu Nagoya Castle Ruins]




May 2014 issue of International Highway Foundation Newsletter (PDF viewing / downloading)


  • 200 cherry blossoms in Tsushima, Iki and Karatsu ...

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