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International Highway No. XNUMX Preface

Eiji Tokuno, President of the International Highway Foundation


The preface of the first international highway communication is posted.

I would like to congratulate and thank you as a preface to the publication of the first issue of the International Highway Newsletter.

The concept of the International Highway and the Japan-Korea Tunnel came from President Sun Myung Moon, the founder of all unification movements, when the 1981th ICUS (International Conference on the Unity of Science) was held in Seoul, South Korea in November 11. It was proposed.Following the proposal of President Sun Myung Moon, the International Highway Construction Corporation was established in April 10 under the leadership of Chairman Osami Kuboki and Chairman Gentaro Kajiguri.


Then, in January 2009, the International Highway Foundation was established under the leadership of Gentaro Kajiguri, chaired by myself, Tokuno, and the contents of the International Highway Construction Corporation will be inherited as a general foundation and restarted. I did.Today, the International Highway Foundation is currently operated under the leadership of Chairman Masuo Oe, chaired by myself, Tokuno, and the successor to Chairman Kajiguri.


First of all, I would like to introduce five typical approaches for the realization of world peace by President Sun Myung Moon, who is the advocate.


The first is the realization of world peace by sharing common values ​​and ideas based on true love.

It seems that the core spirit and ideas of the common values ​​and ideas can be expressed in the following three points. The first point is the idea or idea of ​​coexistence, co-prosperity, or "living together." The second point is the idea / idea of ​​"living for the other person", and the third point is the idea / idea of ​​"love even vengeance".


The second approach to world peace is the realization of world peace by encouraging international marriage, which connects the world with true love, life and pedigree.

The international marriage of young men and women between countries, even historically in a vengeful relationship, makes such two countries like relatives, and by having a common descendant, each other. Is to create an international environment where people have a blood relationship and become relatives and have a natural feeling that they no longer want to go to war.Sun Myung Moon advocated that this was one of the shortcuts to achieving world peace.


The third approach to achieving world peace seeks to achieve world peace by avoiding the tragedy of war caused by religious conflict through interreligious reconciliation, reconciliation, and solidarity.

In other words, it is the realization of world peace through a super-religious and interdenominational harmony movement.The prime example is the MEPI (Middle East Peace Initiative) advocated by President Sun Myung Moon.Leaders of the three major religions that have historically been in conflict in the Middle East: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have come together to hold conferences, conventions, and peace marches for peace in the Middle East from 3 to today. We have taken the lead over 2003 times over 10 years.


The fourth approach to achieving world peace is to build a siege network against the communist bloc by strengthening the coalition of liberal nations, and eventually to peacefully consolidate the communist world and even the communist bloc. It is a plan.

For example, as a concrete example, President Bunmei said that in East Asia, Japan, South Korea, and the United States, which share the common values ​​of liberalism, democracy, and capitalism, have become one and are still under the dictatorship of the Communist Party. It was argued that this was the basic plan for peace and development in East Asia, in which China and North Korea, a democratic communist nation, would eventually be peacefully united.


The fifth approach to the realization of world peace is the advocacy for the realization of this international highway, the Japan-Korea Tunnel.

Connecting the world with roads, activating exchanges between people, goods and culture, promoting the leveling of technology and industry in Asia, and eventually expanding it to leveling on a global level, this is Sun Myung Moon. This is the concept of realizing the Japan-Korea Tunnel, an international highway.To put it simply, a road is an artery of life that is a pillar of the distribution network, and by connecting the entire world with that road, it transcends border walls and national interest walls and realizes world peace. The idea is to go.

To express this concept of President Moon in the following three titles, (3) "The international highway is one of the powerful means to achieve the ideals of humankind." And (1981) "East and West. "The concept of the international highway is to connect the homelands of the world." Or (11) "The international highway project is to create a high-speed transportation network that connects the people of the world." Has already proposed the greatest and greatest dream project in human history as of November XNUMX.


Let us inherit this great dream project of President Sun Myung Moon and realize the Japan-Korea Tunnel by 2030 at the latest.
From the "Introduction" of "International Highway No. 1" (issued on August 2014, 8) "


The contents of the introduction can be downloaded as a PDF.

  • International Highway No. XNUMX Preface

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