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30 Years of Japan-Korea Tunnels – Survey Summary Report –

Photobook – 30 Years of History –

  • 1. Great East Asia Highway Concept and Japan-Korea Tunnel
  • 2・People who took action in response to the advocacy
  • 3. Launch of the International Highway Construction Agency
  • 4. Gathering of sympathetic scientists
  • 5・People's Wisdom, Experience, and Thoughts Gathered
  • 6. From Seikan to England and France, and to the Japan-Korea Tunnel
  • 7. The Japan-Korea Tunnel Study Group has started
  • 8・Report on topography/geology, design/construction
  • 9. International Highway Construction Agency
  • 10. Establishment of the International Highway Foundation

References – Japan-Korea Tunnel Plan/Regional Comprehensive Development –

  • 1. Development and Prospects of the Northern Kyushu Region
  • 2・Development and Prospects of the Iki Region
  • 3・Development and Prospects of the Tsushima Region

Books – International Highway Project –

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November 8, 1981 At the 10th International Conference on the Unification of Science, Reverend Sun Myung Moon proposed the International Highway Project to 770 scientists from 190 countries, including Nobel Prize winners. A book that summarizes the progress and future prospects of the next 30 years.

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