30 years of history of Japan-Korea tunnel – Survey Summary Report –

Photobook – 30 Years of History –

  • 1. East Asia University Highway Concept and Japan-Korea Tunnel
  • 2. People who have begun to move in response to the proposal
  • 3. International Highway Construction Corporation established
  • 4. Resonating scientists gather
  • 5. People's wisdom, experience, and thoughts are gathered
  • 6. From Seikan to English and French, and then to the Japan-Korea tunnel
  • 7. Japan-Korea Tunnel Study Group has begun to move
  • 8. Topography / geology, design / construction report
  • 9. International Highway Construction Corporation
  • 10. Establishment of International Highway Foundation

Documents-Japan-Korea Tunnel Planning / Regional Comprehensive Development-

  • 1. Development and prospects for the northern part of Kyushu
  • 2. Development and prospects of the Iki area
  • 3. Development and prospects of Tsushima area

Books-International Highway Projects-

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November 1981, 11 At the 8th International Conference on the Unity of Science, Dr. Bunmei proposed an international highway project to 10 scientists in 190 countries, including the Nobel laureates who participated.A book that summarizes the history of the next 770 years and future prospects.

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