International Highway Project Japan-Korea Tunnel Concept

  • p1 International Highway Foundation
    Japan-Korea Tunnel Concept Pamphlet Cover
  • p2 Status of inclined shaft construction in Tsushima
  • P3, P4 World Peace Expressway Concept
    (Euro / Japan-Korea Tunnel / Bering Strait Crossing)
  • p5 Japan-Korea Tunnel Survey Slope Factory Site History
  • p6 History of Japan-Korea Tunnel Project
  • p7 Japan-Korea Tunnel Promotion Prefectural Council Formation Status
  • p8 International Highway Foundation
    Back cover of Japan-Korea Tunnel Concept Pamphlet

Overview of Japan-Korea Tunnel Plan

    • Overview of Japan-Korea Tunnel Plan


    • (Technical issues, route selection, geological outline)


  • Technical background and challenges
  • The first is to build the second basic concept of the International Highway / Japan-Korea Tunnel Project.Second, research on construction technology.So far, we have only conducted comparative research on the characteristics of various construction methods, and with this, we can immediately dig an actual tunnel ...

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