Foundation overview

FY2011 Business Plan

1. Social education business

Holding briefing sessions and lectures nationwide on the international highway concept and the Japan-Korea tunnel plan.

2. Investigation and research projects

We regularly hold study sessions and research sessions on the philosophy, culture, environment, law, economy, civil engineering technology, transportation policy, etc. of the International Highway Initiative in Tokyo, Kyushu, and other locations.

3. International cooperation projects

Exchanges with overseas organizations and institutions regarding the construction, management, etc. of international highway projects and Japan-Korea tunnel projects.

4. Subsidy project

Grants to overseas organizations, as well as domestic related organizations and organizations, for the construction, management, and operation of international highway projects and Japan-Korea tunnel projects.

5. Survey, research, development, design, construction, etc. of Japan-Korea tunnels, etc.

Preparation for maintenance and excavation of the Kyushu/Karatsu survey shaft, and preparations for the start of excavation of the Tsushima survey shaft.

6. Public relations publishing business

Various publications related to the international highway concept, creation and updating of homepages, etc.

7. Other business

We also carry out various other businesses.

(*The International Highway Project is a plan to connect Tokyo and London with high-speed transportation to realize peace and happiness for human society.)

  • Foundation overview


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