Foundation overview

Business accounting report for general incorporated foundations (FY2021)

Property inventory (as of January 1, 2018)

1. Basic assets

5,000,000 yen (cash)

2. Land, buildings (appraised value)

Land (Karatsu City) 194,317.16㎡ 18,339,725 yen
Building (Karatsu/Warehouse) 668.69㎡ 4,317,730 yen
Land (Iki City) 59,731.19㎡ 10,872,510 yen
Building (Iki City) 343.36㎡ 5,937,042 yen
Land (Tsushima City) 904,270.0㎡ 12,074,125 yen
Building (Tsushima City) 99.0㎡ 1,841,384 yen

3. Underground structures (Japan-Korea tunnel/Karatsu inclined shaft)

Location: 2102-79 Nagoya, Chinzei-cho, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture

Diagonal shaft: Diagonal shaft length 540m, gradient 25%, cross section = height 5.5m, width 6m

Internal cross-sectional area 22.7㎡, wellhead box culvert section 10m

2,175,393,307 yen (construction cost)

4. Copyright (all materials related to research, research, analysis, etc. regarding the Japan-Korea tunnel)

① Japan-Korea tunnel existing data organization/reanalysis work report (December 2003)

②Japan-Korea tunnel existing data organization/reanalysis work
Existing material digitization CD-R 01-16 (December 2003)

4,566,199,351 yen (survey cost)

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