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International Highway Foundation (What is IHF)

Name International Highway Foundation
(English: The International Highway Foundation = IHF)
Address 160-0022-13 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo XNUMX-XNUMX
Establishment January 2009, 21 (Heisei XNUMX)
Board Member PresidentKajiguri Justice
Director Hirofumi Sato
executive directorHironobu Minoshima
the purpose Aiming to realize the international highway concept, deepen cooperation between Japan and Asia and countries around the world, promote cultural, religious, economic and scientific and technological exchanges, and promote freedom, peace and prosperity between Japan and Asia and the world. Contribute.
Services Exchanges with designers, engineers, managers, organizations, institutions, etc. in Asia and around the world regarding the construction and management of international highways (including the Japan-Korea tunnel).Subsidies for domestic and overseas research, research and development organizations, institutions, etc. regarding the construction, management and operation of international highways.other
Total amount of fund XNUMX. Land for surveyApproximately 115.8 million m871 (building XNUMX mXNUMX)
XNUMX, underground structureApproximately 21 billion yen
XNUMX. Copyright of topographical geological analysis (figure), etc.Approximately 45 billion yen
XNUMX, cash5,000,000 yen

(As of January 25, 1)

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