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"Peace Road-International Highway-Japan-Korea Tunnel-"

 Published in a dignified manner in response to expectations!It is popular if you can understand the international highway and Japan-Korea tunnel well!

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[Main table of contents]
・ Expected as a national and salvation vision
・ Challenges of Japan-Korea tunnel construction and overcoming them
・ Community formation in Northeast Asia
・ New proposal for Tsushima development
・ Geopolitical consideration of the Bering Strait tunnel

Author: Hirofumi Sato Chairman
Publisher: International Highway Foundation
A5 size 192 pages
Purchase price 1,000 yen
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Testimonial of Peace Road

"Become a Japanese who builds world peace from a cosmic perspective"

We are trying to "construct" the path of peace-the International Highway-Japan-Korea Tunnel-, which integrates religion, art, economy, and scientific technology, with intelligent design (optimal design theory).

It is the "objective spirit" or "expressed life" created by the organic unity of the idea to be expressed and the means for expression.It is the mainstream way of thinking in the history of culture and civilization not only in Europe and the United States but also in Japan to see such a spirit in religion, art and culture.


In this chaotic earth, "peace" is "winning." In response to the "former" XNUMX large army, the Tsushima samurai hid their girls and children in the mountains of Tsushima, greeted them with more than XNUMX horses, and killed them all.We are descendants of this and are protracted in this way.

It does not come from the concept, but is an eternal and beautiful "expression of life" that is created only when it springs up from the depths of cognition.There is a tradition that is passed down across times, ethnic groups, and customs.The ideal of the right tradition is both retro and future.There is progress and light.Touching and enlightening the achievements of the activities and passions of the old people, correcting their own way, and accumulating the passion and energy of the next leap.Introducing newness into tradition means creating something that did not exist in itself.


Hirofumi Sato (Chairman of the International Highway Foundation)'s "Peace Road-International Highway-Japan-Korea Tunnel-" is a historical summary of such "expressors of history", and at the same time, from now on. It suggests the direction of creating a new tradition. It is the core of "certain things" integrated with "science and technology".

The feature of this book is what it means to be "the path of peace", that is, above all, the spirit of respect for human beings.This not only gives "empathy" to those who are studying "expression of human inner sensibilities" like me, but also gives extremely meaningful "information" to all humankind on earth. Sure.


Nov. 2018, 5

From the city of the atomic bomb, the city of peace, the city of prayer, Nagasaki

Katsuyuki Kawaguchi (Chairman of the Japan-Korea Tunnel Promotion Nagasaki Prefectural Council, Former Professor of Nagasaki University, Doctor of Engineering)

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