A special interview with Stephen Costello was posted

A special interview with Stephen Costello, 66, a visiting professor at the George Washington University Institute for Korean Studies, has been posted on Peace Road.

I met him at the "Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel Roundtable" hosted by the Korea-Japan Tunnel Study Group in Haeundae, Busan on August 8st.Last April, after Kim Jong-in's "People Power Party" emergency response committee chairman made a statement that he would "actively consider promoting the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel," the "Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel Promotion" was elected as a substitute for the mayor of Busan. It evoked a big ripple in Busan, and once again, it became an opportunity for public opinion in Busan to become of great interest.We asked him how he sees the outlook for the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel Project.

You can see the full article here

Korea-Japan tunnel project actively supported by the United States

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