Jim Rogers gave a lecture in Fukuoka in Sekai Nippo

Well-known American investor Jim Rogers gave a lecture at a hotel in Fukuoka City on September 9th, entitled "East Asian and Japanese Economic Outlook and Kyushu Direction".

Regarding the Japan-Korea Tunnel concept under the auspices, "If the 38th parallel disappears, freedom of movement will occur on the Korean Peninsula. At that time, the Japan-Korea Tunnel will be extremely important. Japan will pass through the Korean Peninsula with Russia and China. Because it connects. "


He also emphasized to the Sekai Nippo that "tunnels connect Japan and South Korea both economically and humanly. This is wonderful."

When the Japan-Korea Tunnel was completed, he said, "I want to travel by car from Tokyo to London through the tunnel with my children."


The full text of the coverage article can be viewed from the following Sekai Nippo website.

US investor Jim Rogers gave a lecture in Fukuoka and visited the site of Karatsu


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