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Mr. Jim Rogers' lecture in Fukuoka was published in Sekai Nippo.

Jim Rogers, a prominent American investor, gave a lecture on September 16th at a hotel in Fukuoka City titled ``East Asia and Japan's Economic Outlook and Kyushu's Direction.''

Regarding the Japan-Korea tunnel project, he said, ``If the 38th parallel disappears, freedom of movement will occur on the Korean peninsula.At that time, the Japan-Korea tunnel will become extremely important. It's because we're connected.''


In addition, in an interview with Sekai Ilbo, he emphasized, ``The tunnel connects Japan and Korea economically and humanly. This is a wonderful thing.''

When the Japan-Korea Tunnel was completed, he said, ``I want to take my child on a road trip from Tokyo through the tunnel to London.''


The full text of the interview article can be viewed on the Sekai Nippo website below.

US investor Jim Rogers gave a lecture in Fukuoka and also visited the Karatsu site


The published newspaper article can be viewed below.


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