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Typhoon No. 9 causes great damage, but restoration work is underway-October issue of site news

Typhoon No. XNUMX that struck Kyushu caused great damage to our foundation's buildings and land.

A large typhoon No. XNUMX hit Kyushu and Tsushima on September XNUMX and a larger typhoon No. XNUMX hit Kyushu and Tsushima on the XNUMXth.In Tsushima, many buildings are damaged, such as the stone "Ichino Torii" of Tsushima's symbol "Watatsumi Shrine" collapsed from the root.The big branches are also brutally broken and the trees are severely damaged.

In addition, the seawater swirled up by the typhoon was sprinkled throughout the island, causing the deciduous trees to turn brown.The leaves fell due to the salt damage, and even though it was supposed to be surrounded by greenery, the leaves fell completely, and the forest became bright as if winter had come.


The foundation's Karatsu and Tsushima suffered great damage, a large hole was opened in the slate roof of the building and warehouse, the sash door was distorted by the strong wind, and the glass was broken.The roof of the wooden hut was blown off, a landslide occurred, and the parking lot was half earth and sand and could not even be set in.


Meanwhile, on September XNUMXst and XNUMXnd, four volunteers from Fukuoka who heard the damage rushed to Tsushima's restoration work as volunteers.He manually removed the earth and sand that had flowed out to the general city road and was a nuisance to the neighborhood.

In addition, we asked them to work on rebuilding the young cherry trees that were planted in large numbers by the wind.This spring, the XNUMXth grade cherry tree, which everyone was looking forward to seeing the cherry blossoms next year, was broken from the root.It was the most disappointing damage this time.These cherry trees are favored by Mr. Yoshiharu Kanazawa of Kanagawa Prefecture under the concept of "Highway Senbonzakura".It is a valuable asset for our foundation, and the work to restore it was a great help.


[Photo ①] A large hole in the warehouse of the Tsushima office, and the cherry tree in the foreground turns brown due to the strong wind mixed with seawater.



[Photo XNUMX] Cherry tree planted XNUMX years ago This spring, the flowers are in full bloom, and the most enjoyable tree is fluttering from the root.



[Photo ③] A typhoon caused a cliff collapse, and a large amount of earth and sand that flowed out onto the city road was hurriedly returned to the shaved road.


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