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Construction to extend the Aren slope in Tsushima begins - Newsletter from the site November issue-2

◆Tsushima/Aren Diagonal Mine extension work finally begins. Korean resident association ``Union for Peaceful Unification'' inspects the Karatsu/Tsushima site.

On November 9th, under the clear blue sky of Tsushima, a large excavator roared as it began to scrape away at the slope at the back of the mine entrance. Actual construction of the Aren Shaft in Tsushima has begun.


The wellhead was installed six years ago in July 2014. Preparatory work for excavating the first inclined shaft was carried out in October last year, and the back of the shaft entrance was excavated with a large excavator to confirm the appearance of bedrock (confirmation of rock lines). Later, in July of this year, a level survey was conducted to determine the exact height of the current tunnel entrance.


This time, as an extension of the first phase of construction last year (second phase excavation preparation work), we used a large excavator to drive the excavation area further into the rear, and we investigated the characteristics of the rock and the bottom of the tunnel cross section was completely covered with rock. I checked my riding position.


In the future, the technical committee will continue to consider how to construct the lighting work section (the part that will actually be carried out as the tunnel entrance construction) and how to perform the tunnel opening construction (the initial construction as part of the tunnel excavation work). The next construction work is scheduled for next year.


Coincidentally, four days earlier, on the 5th, 30 executives from the Korean Association for Peaceful Reunification visited the site and prayed for the early completion of the Japan-Korea Tunnel. Secretary-General Kim Won-sik, the leader of the delegation, said, ``The friendship between Japan and Korea has become a deep bond, and I look forward to the day when we can return to Seoul through this tunnel.''

"I would like to contribute both tangible and intangible to the completion of the tunnel," he said passionately. Before visiting the site, the group visited the Cenotaph for the Korean Martyrs on the northern tip of Tsushima Island to remember the hardships of their predecessors, and it is said that they wept as they saw their nostalgic hometown in Busan, which they could see 50km away.



[Photo ①] Work has begun to extend the mine by 6 meters. The excavated earth and sand is now piled high in front of the mine entrance.



[Photo ②] 30 executives from the United Nations Association for Peaceful Reunification inspected the tunnel entrance and prayed for the early completion of the Japan-Korea tunnel.

  • Construction on the extension of the Aren slope in Tsushima has begun...

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