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Five members of the Mie Prefectural Citizens' Council inspect the site - Genji Newsletter August issue

◆Five members of the Mie Prefectural Council for the Promotion of Japan-Korea Tunnels inspect the Tsushima Diagonal Shaft site

A five-member inspection team from the Mie Prefectural Promotion Council visited the Tsushima site and said, ``Let's walk along the 230km-long Japan-Korea tunnel route.'' This was planned in July of last year, and the second half of the tour was in Tsushima and South Korea, starting last summer, when the tour had to be interrupted in Iki due to the typhoon Tsushima hitting Karatsu and Iki. thing.


On July 24, a five-member inspection team from the Japan-Korea Tunnel Promotion Mie Prefecture Citizens' Conference arrived in Tsushima by high-speed boat from Busan, South Korea. Hitakatsu Port, Tsushima's second port town, is the gateway to the north, and the group was whisked away to the international terminal building along with an overflowing number of Korean tourists with their children on summer vacation. The tourism industry was very busy in Tsushima, which was experiencing a ``special demand for Korean tourists.'' Large buses were lined up in the parking lot, and transport vehicles and staff were rushing around.


After listening to Director Uchiyama's report on the current situation at the Tsushima field office, the group visited the entrance to the Aren slope shaft. Just as the saying goes, ``A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'' when it comes to mega-projects, the Japan-Korea Tunnel is still just the entrance, but with a direct view of the Korean Strait moving westward from there, the dream of making the tunnel a reality grew.

After returning to Busan, the next day they visited Geoje Island, the landing point in South Korea. If Japanese people start going to the South Korean site, which is still only a vacant lot but is gaining momentum, it will be recognized as a joint project between Japan and South Korea.



[Photo] July 24th, the site of the entrance to the Are diagonal shaft, heading towards South Korea from the Korean Strait.



[Photo] Enjoying Tsushima's horse mackerel and listening to Director Uchiyama's report on the current situation



[Photo] The international terminal at Hitakatsu Port, the northern gateway to Tsushima, is crowded with Korean tourists.



[Photo] July 26th last year (2015) at the planned entrance to the Ashibe slanted mine in Iki. The final survey for the installation of the mine entrance was carried out in May of this year.



[Photo] July 25th last year (2015) at the 540m tip of the Nagoya inclined shaft in Karatsu, Saga


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