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Inspection team visits the Japan-Korea Tunnel in Karatsu - International Highway Foundation Newsletter May 2014 issue

◆April 1st and 2nd, 40 people each from Busan and Daegu, South Korea




On April 1st and 2nd, 40 Koreans visited from Busan and Daegu, the southeastern regions of South Korea, respectively. This is a group from the Korea Peace Ambassadors Council, which works towards peace in Northeast Asia.In recent years, there has been news about the Japan-Korea Tunnel in South Korea as well, and they visited the Japan-Korea Tunnel in Karatsu and Nagoya Diagonal. It is something. Aiming to promote Japan-Korea and Korea-Japan friendship, they will visit Arita and Aso, which have historical ties to South Korea.


The inspection team arrived at Hakata Port in the morning and arrived at Nagoya Shaft by large bus before noon. After receiving an explanation of the tunnel from Director Yoshitaka Okubo, we immediately took a tour inside the tunnel. They asked with great interest, ``How far does the tip go? Is the tunnel deeper than the ocean?'' The elderly people spoke to me in the Japanese they had learned long ago and were friendly. Afterwards, a ``commemorative'' magnolia sapling was planted, and the children had fun pouring soil on it and watering it. Furthermore, they went up to the observation deck and took pictures of Iki and Tsushima as seen from the Japanese side, feeling the emotion of being on the other side of the Genkai Sea.


Japan-Korea and Korea-Japan relations are currently strained due to the end of Japan's Korean wave boom and the problems of historical awareness and military comfort women, but I think it is important to continue this type of civil exchange.





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