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Visits by Korean university presidents and general contractor presidents - Genba Newsletter June issue

■10 people, including university presidents from Busan and Daegu and general contractor chairman, visited the Karatsu Tunnel site and said, ``Japan is progressing!''

On June 3, 10 people, including the presidents and directors of universities in Busan and Daegu, South Korea, and the chairman of a mid-sized general contractor, toured the site of the Japan-Korea Tunnel Nagoya Incline in Karatsu on June 3. The number of general inspectors from South Korea has reached nearly 800 this year, and interest in the Japan-Korea tunnel is increasing in South Korea, but word of mouth is spreading: ``600m has already been dug in Japan!'' This time, experts from industry and academia came to inspect the facility.


After listening to Director Yoshitaka Okubo's progress, the group touched the tip of the 600m research shaft and the wall of the face, saw the winch of a 1300m trolley, and learned about the boring of Geoje Island 30 years ago. Compared to the progress made in South Korea, where progress was made in Japan, there was a renewed recognition that Japan was ``seriously working on this''.

After the tour was over, a lecture started in front of the warehouse, and he said, ``Compared to the lively but dirty streets of Korea, the streets of Japan are clean and don't have a single piece of trash, and they are beautiful.Japanese and Korean cities have their own good points. It is important for South Koreans to learn the good things about Japan and to respect each other,'' the university president said, as if admonishing his colleagues who were visiting with him, to applause.


Busan City, located in the southeastern part of South Korea, has a great view of Tsushima Island, and there is a lot of interest in the Japan-Korea Tunnel. There is also a realistic expectation for the economic effects that tunnel construction will bring. The following day, on the 4th, the delegation attended the Japan-Korea Tunnel Kyushu Convention held in Fukuoka City, where they interacted with attendees from Japanese industry, academia, and politics, exchanging opinions and deepening friendships. .




[Photo] Leaders from Korean industry and academia visiting from Busan and Daegu



[Photo] Q&A at the tunnel face at the tip of the tunnel



[Photo] Looking straight ahead at Iki from the observation deck, we can have a lively conversation again.



[Photo] Before you know it, passionate comments and conversations emerge, and the future created by tunnels is talked about.

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