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Planting 200 cherry blossom saplings in Tsushima and Iki again this year - April issue of Genji News

■200 cherry tree saplings planted in Tsushima and Iki
200 Yoshino cherry tree saplings were planted at the Japan-Korea Tunnel site in Tsushima and Iki over a 10-day period in mid-March. This is the second tree planting of the project, which started last year to beautify the tunnel site and aim to create a ``1000 Cherry Blossom Garden,'' following last year's 200 trees planted. This year too, it was donated through the kindness of Mr. Yoshiharu Kanazawa of Kanagawa Prefecture.


On Tsushima Island, 100 trees were planted over four days from March 10th to 14th on sites that would not interfere with construction work, such as around the entrance to the slope, the surrounding area of ​​the site, the planned site for worker accommodation, and access roads. Although the wind was still cold, the weather was sunny, and with the cooperation of local people, the 1.2m seedlings, which were just beginning to show small buds, were successfully planted.


As soon as the seedlings I planted last year sprouted, they were chewed over by deer, and unfortunately most of them withered. So this year, I decided to cover the area around the seedlings with netting. Deer were once protected, but now their numbers have increased so much that they are causing agricultural damage in the tens of millions of yen. In addition to extermination, research is also being conducted into making processed foods such as deer meat sausages.


The work of setting up poles on the stone-strewn ground of Tsushima and assembling the net required patience, and the work was done with great effort by local residents. Everyone's enthusiasm for ``let's enjoy cherry blossom viewing next year'' is the driving force behind the tunnel project.



[Photo] Seven trees were planted on the slope of the mine entrance that was installed in July last year. They are protected by a green net to keep out deer.



[Photo] Tsushima, where camellia trees stand out among the trees that lose their leaves in winter.Cherry blossom trees join the ranks.


Additionally, 100 saplings were planted in Iki over four days from the 15th to the 18th. The Iki trees were planted on the outskirts of the site, which had been cleared last year and had improved visibility. There are no deer in Iki, so all you have to do is set up the splints, so the work is quick. There were several trees that withered due to the sea breeze blowing in from the sea, but the cherry blossoms planted last year were firmly rooted.


Detailed surveying for the installation of the tunnel head is planned in the near future. The Iki tunnel will be located in the middle of a site where cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and the Japan-Korea Tunnel will soon become a ``cherry blossom viewing spot'' and a landmark on the island.

  • This year too, there are 20 cherry blossom seedlings in Tsushima and Iki...

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