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TBS interviews Karatsu and Tsushima sites-May issue of site news

TBS interviews both Karatsu and Tsushima sites and reports on "newscaster"

The Japan-Korea tunnel was introduced for about 4 minutes on the TBS program "Newscaster Heisei Last Expansion SP!" Which aired from 2 pm on Saturday, April 9th.This program was interviewed at the Karatsu and Tsushima sites of the Foundation on April 5, four days before the broadcast.

At the Tsushima site, Hirofumi Sato, the president of the foundation, and Tsushima, the current location director of the foundation, responded, but the dispatch from TBS was carried out by one reporter on the first plane in the morning, and while conducting interviews and shooting alone, at night. We interviewed the site of the inclined shaft and the local residents until we returned on the last flight.


At the Karatsu site, Yoshitaka Okubo, the current location manager of Karatsu, responded, and TBS dispatched three people, a director, a photographer, and a person in charge of voice, and interviewed for about four hours.Interviews and photographs were taken one by one at the site office, in front of the commentary signboard near the entrance of the inclined shaft, the entrance of the inclined shaft, the pump room in the inclined shaft, the face, the winch, and the observatory.

The interviews covered a wide range of topics, including the purpose, route, cost, and construction process of the Japan-Korea Tunnel, but the emphasis was on the purpose and current situation.After all, it seems that he was interested in "what is it for?" And "what is happening now?" For such a super-large-scale project in progress.On the other hand, in both Tsushima and Karatsu, "connecting the world with railroads and roads as a concrete measure for the realization of world peace" and "preparation for adoption as a national project in the future". I emphasized that it was the answer.But unfortunately, this answer was never featured on the show.


It was very meaningful for everyone in Japan to know the current situation of the Japan-Korea Tunnel, but in the future, the Foundation will make every effort to fully introduce the truth. We are.



[Photo] President Hirofumi Sato interviewed in front of the Tsushima Slope



[Photo] Yoshitaka Okubo, the current director of Tsushima, who is interviewed near the face of the Karatsu slope


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