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Typhoon No. 9 caused major damage, but restoration work is underway - Genji News October issue

Typhoon No. 9 hit Kyushu, causing major damage to our foundation's buildings and grounds. Volunteers rushed in from Fukuoka for recovery work.

Typhoon No. 9, a large typhoon, hit Kyushu and Tsushima on September 3rd, and an even larger typhoon No. 10 hit Kyushu and Tsushima on the 7th. In Tsushima, many buildings have been damaged, including the stone "Ichino Torii" of Tsushima's symbol "Watatomi Shrine" which has collapsed from its roots. The trees were severely damaged, with large branches being brutally torn off.

In addition, seawater stirred up by the typhoon was scattered all over the island, turning the deciduous trees brown. The leaves have fallen due to the salt damage, and even though it is supposed to be a season full of greenery, the leaves have completely fallen, making the forest brighter as if winter has arrived.


The foundation suffered extensive damage in Karatsu and Tsushima, with large holes in the slate roofs of buildings and warehouses, and the strong winds warping sash doors and breaking glass. The roofs of wooden huts have been blown off, landslides have occurred, and half of the parking lot is covered in mud, making it impossible to step foot.


Meanwhile, on September 21st and 22nd, four volunteers from Fukuoka, who heard about the damage, rushed to Tsushima's recovery work as volunteers. They manually removed the earth and sand that had flowed onto public city roads and was causing a nuisance to the neighborhood.

We also had them work to rebuild young cherry trees that had been planted, many of which had been knocked down by strong winds. This spring, the 7th grade cherry tree, which was full of flowers and which everyone was looking forward to next year, was broken at the base. This was the most unfortunate damage. These cherry trees were donated by Mr. Yoshiharu Kanazawa of Kanagawa Prefecture under the concept of ``Highway Thousand Cherry Blossoms''. It is a valuable asset for our foundation, and the task of rebuilding it was a great help.


[Photo ①] There is a large hole in the warehouse of the Tsushima office, and the leaves of the cherry tree in the foreground have turned brown due to the strong wind mixed with seawater blowing on it.



[Photo ②] Cherry blossom tree planted 6 years ago This spring, the tree is in full bloom, and the most exciting tree has burst out from its roots.



[Photo ③] A large amount of earth and sand that was washed out onto a city road after a landslide caused by the typhoon is being quickly returned to the road that had been scraped away.


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