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Tsushima-Gyeongsangnam-do Tunnel Technical Information XNUMX

Tsushima-Gyeongsangnam-do Tunnel
Minoya Takeishi (Takaya Takeishi)
Technical Committee Member, Japan-Korea Tunnel Technical Committee, International Highway Foundation
Deputy General Manager, Construction Department, Tokyo Metropolitan Area Branch, Japan Basic Technology Co., Ltd.


XNUMX Japan-Korea Tunnel Technical Committee (XNUMX)

At a later date, the approval of the President and Board of Directors of the International Highway Foundation was obtained, and the enormous amount of organized data was handed over by Executive Secretary Oe (former President and current advisor).In particular, it was an honor to receive the consent of Chairman Kajiguri (deceased and former chairman).


It was huge, but I read it all at once.Everything was as if cold fresh water soaked into the dry desert sand, I understood the content, and my desire for knowledge and soul were satisfied and impressed.


It's not such an easy impression that I wanted to applaud.I wanted to scream out loud.Of course, it is a praise cry to the engineers who organized and wrote this.


Collected the results of land and sea geological and environmental surveys conducted by the International Highway Construction Corporation (predecessor of the International Highway Foundation) XNUMX years ago from Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea to the Kitakyushu region of Japan, that is, the construction of the Japan-Korea tunnel. The enormous amount of reexamined data was neatly organized.


The titles are classified into four subcommittees, "Existing Material Digitization Project", which organizes and reanalyzes existing materials in the Japan-Korea Tunnel.
1.58st subcommittee (public relations) 3GB (6.22 CD-Rs), 13nd subcommittee (geology) 609GB (1 CD-Rs), 700rd subcommittee (construction) 2MB (494 CD-R), 1th subcommittee (environment) XNUMXMB (XNUMX CD-Rs), Reorganization / Reanalysis Report of Existing Materials XNUMXMB (XNUMX CD-R)

Total 9.57GB (20 CD-Rs), about 10GB.Most of them are PDF data, which is a huge amount of literature.


And it was the data of the 6.22nd subcommittee (geology) that did not put me to sleep. It accounted for more than half, XNUMXGB.

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