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Tsushima-Gyeongsangnam-do tunnel technical information 3

Tsushima-Gyeongsangnam-do Tunnel
Takaya Takeishi (
International Highway Foundation) Japan-Korea Tunnel Technical Committee Technical Member
Deputy Manager, Construction Department, Metropolitan Area Branch, Japan Basic Technology Co., Ltd.


3 Japan-Korea Tunnel Technical Committee (2)

Later, after receiving approval from the Chairman and Board of Directors of the International Highway Foundation, Executive Director Oe (former Chairman and current advisor) handed over the vast amount of data that had been organized. It was a particular honor to receive the consent of Chairman Kajikuri (deceased and former chairman).


It was certainly a huge volume, but I skimmed through it all in one go. Like cold water seeping into the dry desert sand, I understood the content and was moved by it, satisfying my thirst for knowledge and my soul.


I couldn't help but want to applaud, no, it's not a simple emotion. I wanted to scream out loud. Of course, this is a shout of praise to the engineers who organized and wrote this.


We collected the results of land and sea geological and environmental surveys necessary for the construction of the Japan-Korea Tunnel, which was conducted 30 years ago by the International Highway Construction Corporation (predecessor of the International Highway Foundation), from South Gyeongsang Province in South Korea to the Kitakyushu area in Japan. The huge amount of data that was reviewed was beautifully organized.


The project is titled "Existing Material Digitization Project" and is categorized into four subcommittees: organizing and re-analyzing existing materials on the Japan-Korea tunnels.
Subcommittee 1 (Public Relations) 1.58GB (3 CD-Rs), Subcommittee 2 (Geology) 6.22GB (13 CD-Rs), Subcommittee 3 (Construction) 609MB (1 CD-R), Subcommittee 4 (Environment) 700MB (CD-R 2 discs), Existing materials organization/reanalysis report 494MB (CD-R 1 disc)

Total 9.57GB (20 CD-Rs), approximately 10GB. Most of it is PDF data, and there is a huge amount of literature.


What particularly kept me awake was the data from the second subcommittee (geology). It occupied more than half of 6.22GB.

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