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A direct high-speed train from China's Beijing to Japan's Tokyo could become a reality in seven years


2020-12-25 08:07


Recently, the internationally renowned think tank YINGCAI Institute believes that the time is ripe for the construction of the Tsushima Strait Tunnel. In 2020, China, Japan, and South Korea are already among the world's top 10 economies, and with the addition of North Korea, the flow of people and goods between these four countries will recoup the huge cost of building the Strait Tunnel. Because it is enough.


The Tsushima Strait Undersea Tunnel is scheduled to be built between Saga Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan, and Busan, South Korea. The project will excavate 100 to 200 meters underground in Chinzei Town, Saga Prefecture, cross 17 kilometers under the Iki Strait, 18 kilometers under Iki Island, and 47 kilometers across the bottom of the Tsushima Strait to reach Tsushima Island. It passes through 23 kilometers of the Tsushima Strait, 68 kilometers of the strait floor, and 30 kilometers of Geoje Island, reaching a depth of 300 meters. At 250 kilometers long, it is the longest and deepest in the world. The plan is to construct an 11-meter-diameter tunnel for high-speed passenger and freight trains.The total cost of the project is estimated to be approximately US$80 billion, and will allow Japan to connect Karatsu in Kyushu to Tsushima Island. South Korea will then be responsible for the area up to Tsushima Island or Busan. The splendor of the vision, the enormous scale, and the difficulty and risk of the project are unique.


At the same time, the construction of the East Asia High-Speed ​​Railway is also planned, starting from Beijing, passing through northeastern China, entering the Korean Peninsula, connecting Pyongyang and Seoul, passing through the Tsushima Strait, and using an undersea tunnel. Connects Osaka and Tokyo in Japan. The high-speed railway will connect world-class cities such as Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, and Osaka at speeds of 350 kilometers per hour. Professor Sasaki of Waseda University in Japan believes that the East Asia High Speed ​​Railway will become the high-speed railway with the largest passenger transport volume in the world. You can also have breakfast in Beijing and lunch in Tokyo. The high-speed rail's annual net profit will reach US$13 billion, and the entire construction cost is expected to be recovered within 10 years.


The construction of the Tsushima Strait Tunnel and the East Asia High Speed ​​Rail could be carried out at the same time. Estimated construction period is 7 years. The investment amount will be US$70 billion for the Tsushima Strait Tunnel and US$78 billion for the East Asia High Speed ​​Rail, bringing the total investment for the two major projects to US$148 billion. It connects super-large cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Pyongyang, Seoul, Busan, Osaka, and Tokyo, making it the world's busiest transportation artery.


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A direct high-speed train from China's Beijing to Japan's Tokyo could become a reality in seven years

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