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South Korea-Japan relations continue to deteriorate...we need to focus on improving relations from a future-oriented perspective

Regular general meeting of Korea-Japan Tunnel Research Association, special lecture by Kim In-ho, Chairman of Market Economy Research Institute, “Only if Korea-Japan relations are brought under control...”


▲ Kim In-ho, former chief economic officer of the Blue House, gave a special lecture on Korea-Japan economic relations at the Korea-Japan Tunnel Study Group's ``2020 Invited Lecture and Regular General Meeting''


The Korea-Japan Tunnel Research Association's ``2020 Regular General Meeting and Invited Lecture'' was held on the 17th at the Ibis Ambassador

On this day, Kim In-ho, Chairman of the Market Economy Research Institute, who previously served as Chief Economic Officer of the Blue House and Chairman of the Trade Association, was specially invited to the regular general meeting and gave a special lecture on the theme of ``A Desirable Future Vision for Korea-Japan Economic Relations.'' , attracted attention.

In his speech, Chairman Kim said, ``Currently, the economic order in Northeast Asia is being reorganized after World War II, centering on South Korea, China, and Japan. It appears that China has begun a power struggle to gain supremacy,'' and added, ``China's economic rise and ambition to become a global hegemon, the so-called ``China Dream,'' are deepening conflicts with the United States and neighboring countries. ” he revealed.

Chairman Kim went on to say, ``However, our government's position and efforts in responding to this reality are far from the obvious goal of establishing an efficient relationship, and this is a matter of deep concern to experts.'' "This has become a problem that is causing problems," he said.


▲Lee Young-heum, co-representative of the Korea-Japan Tunnel Study Group, gives a speech.


Regarding South Korea-Japan relations, he said, ``While existing issues in South Korea-Japan relations remain unresolved, new, more serious and fundamental issues (such as the issue of ending GSOMIA) are being created, and South Korea-Japan relations are at their worst. ``At this point, we need to eliminate prejudice and self-righteousness toward Korea-Japan relations, reconsider them, and focus on improving Korea-Japan relations from a future-oriented perspective.''

Chairman Kim concluded by saying, ``Despite the various difficulties that have arisen over the years, we are determined to build an undersea tunnel between Korea and Japan that will dramatically improve the relationship between our two countries at this time, which is the starting point of a new 50 years for both Korea and Japan. I would like to express my respect for the hard work of the Korea-Japan Tunnel Study Group and its members, who have made multifaceted efforts in the private sector,'' he concluded his speech with these beautiful words.

Busan = Reporter Jeong Sang-hoo
This is a Japanese translation of the original Korean text from Sekai Ilbo on February 18, 2020.
Relations between South Korea and Japan are deteriorating...We need to focus on improving relations from a future-oriented perspective.

  • South Korea-Japan relations continue to deteriorate...Future-oriented...

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