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From Tsushima's Neo site to Japan-Korea exchange-January issue of on-site news

◆ The root site goes to a new stage From the opening of the yellow cabin to Japan-Korea exchange

Happy new year everyone.We will deliver a follow-up report on the NEO site.The cabin is currently in the process of being decorated.You can enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, barbecue, sea fishing, sea kayaking, mountain climbing, cycling and starry sky observation.

Horse therapy as a summer school for junior and senior high school students, horse therapy as one of the medical treatments, and healing of the mind by forest bathing and wood stove provide a time to correct pain in a competitive society and a rapid online society.It has a mission as a place for youth development, a place for middle-aged and older people to rest, and a place for Japan-Korea exchange.


The current situation is that exchanges between Japan and South Korea are not progressing, but it cannot be good for both countries that the state of conflict will continue forever.Tsushima, which has been looking at both Japan and South Korea, has the key to a solution.Tsushima, which is a border island and has a rich and intimate history in relational history, can present a new stage for Japan and South Korea.I'm starting now by discussing and deepening ties while surrounding a wood-burning stove that produces a flame that burns warmly and quietly.


The construction of the Japan-Korea Tunnel is steadily progressing, although construction is being carried out only slowly, as if waiting for Japan and South Korea to become true friends.In the small cabin, discussions on the "International Highway", a concrete plan for peacebuilding, are now being enthusiastically conducted.



[Photo ①] Looking at the rising sun from the cabin between Chichijima and Hahajima on the Neo coast Today, the morning has come to Tsushima!



[Photo XNUMX] A cabin built on a hill Sea breeze and sunlight shine through the gaps between the trees in a cypress-lined room.


  • From the Neo site in Tsushima to Japan and Korea ...

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