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Planting cherry blossom trees on the Neo site - March issue

◆Planting cherry blossom trees on the Neo site and installing roll curtains on windows for practical use

In addition to constructing a cabin at the Neo site, we have also begun planting cherry blossom trees around the cabin. These items were donated three years ago by Mr. Yoshiharu Kanazawa of Kanagawa Prefecture. When the flowers bloom and the leaves start to appear, you need to surround them with wire mesh to protect them from deer damage.

The new buds of cherry blossoms are a delicacy for deer, and cherry blossom trees are cruelly torn off from the roots. This year we planted trees around the hut, but next year we plan to plant them all over the site starting from the top row.

The maple trees were already dyed red last year, so the area will be beautifully colored in spring and fall. We aim to be the best healing place and relaxing cabin in Tsushima.


Inside, window frames and glass were installed, and roll curtains were added earlier this month. You can enjoy a blissful time enjoying Kona coffee while looking out at the blue Tsushima sky and sea. You will soon be able to stay overnight. This is the second year of the fight against the new coronavirus, and this is also the second year of the Neo Cabin, and we are finally able to provide it during tunnel site inspections, so please look forward to it.


Tsushima is currently in full bloom with cherry blossoms, but perhaps because the cherry blossoms bloomed twice due to the two large typhoons last September, there are fewer and smaller flowers this spring. The trees are already putting out leaves, and I can't help but feel their breathing as they try to regain their strength. This is the most beautiful time of the year, with the pale purple flowers of the Genkai azaleas blooming and the fresh green leaves forming.



[Photo ①] Cherry blossom saplings are planted around the Neo cabin and a wire fence is installed to protect them from deer.



[Photo ②] The cherry trees planted around the cabin have begun to bloom. They are protected by a wire fence to prevent deer.


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