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From the Neo site of Tsushima to Japan-Korea exchanges - Genba Newsletter January issue

◆The Neo land moves to a new stage, with the opening of Yellow Cabin leading to Japan-Korea exchanges

Happy New Year to all of you. We will provide you with further updates on the Neo site. The cabin is currently in the middle of being decorated. You can enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, barbecues, sea fishing, sea kayaking, mountain climbing, cycling, and stargazing.

Summer school for junior high and high school students, horse therapy as a form of recuperation, and spiritual healing through forest bathing and wood-burning stoves provide a time to correct the pain of a competitive and rapidly increasing internet society. It has a mission as a place for the development of young people, a place for middle-aged and elderly people to rest, and a place for exchange between Japan and Korea.


The current state of relations between Japan and South Korea is that exchanges are not progressing, but it would not be good for either country if the state of hostility continues forever. Tsushima, which has looked at both Japan and South Korea, holds the key to a solution. Because Tsushima is a border island and has a rich and intimate history of relations, it can present a new stage for Japan-Korea relations. We are now starting by having discussions and deepening our bonds while sitting around a wood stove that produces a warm, quiet flame.


The construction of the Japan-Korea Tunnel is progressing steadily, although construction is progressing slowly, as if waiting for Japan and South Korea to become true friends. In the small cabin, a concrete plan for peacebuilding, the ``International Highway,'' is currently being actively discussed.



[Photo ①] View of the sunrise from the cabin between Chichijima and Hahajima on the Neo Coast. Morning has come to Tsushima today!



[Photo ②] Cabin built on a hill The sea breeze and sunlight stream into the cypress-clad interior through the gaps in the trees.


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