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Setting up a field office in Iki; July issue of Genba Newsletter

The first building was built on the Ashibe slope site in Iki, which was only land. On-site office opened on June 27th.

On June 27th, a site office was set up at the Ashibabe slope site in Iki, and an opening ceremony was held.
The Ashibe site will be a relay site connecting Karatsu and Tsushima. This is an important site located on the east coast of the island, and is used for the investigation and excavation of the main tunnel that will go north along the east coast of the island, and will also be the front line site for maintenance and inspection after the tunnel is completed.


Land for the tunnel was acquired early. All we had to do was prepare the roads for large vehicles, conduct precise surveys for the construction of the tunnel entrance, and then proceed with the full-scale tunnel excavation work, but now that the site office has been set up, the next step is construction of the tunnel entrance. This project was made possible ahead of schedule thanks to the generosity of local tunnel supporters and the additional funds that had been reserved.


The ceremony began at 10 a.m. on a day when the sky shone brightly in the summer.Following greetings from Highway Foundation Advisor and progress report from Director Seihachi Matsumura, a letter of appreciation was presented by Masayoshi Kajikuri, Chairman of the Foundation. Supporters from the island also rushed in, and at the end, they all worked up a sweat as they carried in the office desks, and celebrated by chanting three cheers in hopes of an early construction start. The private beach is fully equipped with electricity, running water, and toilets, and has been developed to the point where it can be operated as a campsite right away.


[Photo ①] A field office has been set up at the Iki/Ashibe inclined shaft site. Next is work to install the tunnel entrance in the grassy area in the foreground!


[Photo ②] The office, which was built ahead of schedule, signals the beginning of full-scale construction.


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