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Concrete loading route for inclined shafts-September issue of site news

Start of concrete construction of the carry-in road at the Tsushima / Aren Slope site and proceed to XNUMX m

In recent years, heavy rains have continued for several days on the Japanese archipelago, and major disasters such as landslides and flooding of houses have occurred frequently nationwide.Disasters caused by the so-called "linear rain zone" have started to occur in Tsushima since last year.At the Japan-Korea tunnel site, the road surface was scooped out by rain on the carry-in road to the wellhead, and the sediment that had flowed in was becoming obstructed.In particular, Typhoon No. XNUMX, which struck Tsushima on July XNUMX, caused the greatest damage to the site, and even an evacuation advisory was issued to Izuhara in the center of Tsushima.


Therefore, construction work is currently underway to repair damaged roads and concrete the carry-in roads.First of all, we decided to go XNUMXm from the steep mountain pass to the coastal entrance, and we are currently moving up to XNUMXm.This will allow the inspection team to be accepted by large bus as before.


In Tsushima, due to the conflict between the Japanese and Korean governments that started with the problem of "recruitment work" last year, Korean tourists came to the island from July this year, and the tourist bus stayed in the parking lot and stayed in a guest house. The hotel is quiet and the city remains quite quiet.Even so, I can still see the baby boomer generation's Japanese group trips that have been busy traveling abroad.If the benefits of the border island law extend to Japanese tourists to Tsushima, prosperity should last for a long time.



[Photo] As of August XNUMX, concrete pavement has progressed to XNUMX m from the coastal entrance.


Meanwhile, an inspection team from Hokkaido on August XNUMXnd, Ishikawa Prefecture on August XNUMXth, and Aichi Prefecture on August XNUMXth visited the Japan-Korea Tunnel and Tsushima Aren Slope Site.Following last summer, Hokkaido was the second officer of the Promotion Council, and along with the size of the international highway concept, "I visited for the first time last year and was impressed by the splendor of nature.


The position of the border is the same, and the way of dealing with neighboring countries is urgent.I want to go to Ueshima next year. "Ishikawa Prefecture also said, "I have visited the Karatsu mine site many times, but this is my first time in Tsushima. Tsushima has been involved with the continent and peninsula since ancient times."


Furthermore, from Aichi Prefecture, a concrete question and answer session was held on the feasibility of the tour, which included five city councils. "Tsushima is a site in the magnificent nature, and you can't understand it until you come," he said.



[Photo] Tsushima / Aren Slope entrance The situation at the site was confirmed for each.


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