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16 members of the Japan-Korea Tunnel Promotion Shiga Prefectural Council inspect the site - July issue of the site newsletter

16 members of the Japan-Korea Tunnel Promotion Shiga Prefectural Council visited the sites in Karatsu and Tsushima, and were impressed by seeing the sites firsthand.

On July 23rd and 24th, 16 members of the Japan-Korea Tunnel Promotion Shiga Prefectural Citizens Council inspected inclined shaft sites in Karatsu and Tsushima. This time, the inspection team was headed by Osamu Uno, chairman of the Japan-Korea Tunnel Promotion National Conference, which was formed in November last year (also serves as chairman of the Shiga Prefectural Citizens' Council), and included prefectural and city councilors. It became something with.

Last fall, Yoshishu Amemori, who served as the Japanese representative for the Edo period Korean Mission, which was designated as a Memory of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO, was born in Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture, and Chairman Uno came to Japan and lived in Edo. He is also a descendant of the Korean envoys who provided their home as lodging and entertained the envoys. Furthermore, he was appointed as the national conference representative in November of last year, along with the Shiga Prefecture representative of the Japan-Korea Tunnel. Tsushima suddenly became a national district.


On the afternoon of the 23rd, the group descended to the 540-meter tip of Karatsu's slanted tunnel, patting the excavated wall and admiring, ``You won't understand the seriousness of this work until you've been here.'' . Chairman Uno said, ``The scene was better than I expected, and I could see that they were serious.'' Also, an elderly wife who came with her husband said, ``Up until now, I have supported her husband's activities on the city council, but now we have a new goal.'' She expressed her enthusiasm for the realization of the Japan-Korea tunnel.

On the 24th, a very hot morning even in Tsushima, which is 2 degrees cooler than the mainland, I immediately visited the grave of Yoshishu Amemori, who lies on the outskirts of the city. With my heart pounding in my heart for the local great man who lies dormant on a small hill in the bamboo forest, I climb up the hill in one go. Chairman Uno offered flowers to his proud predecessor, who worked hard to promote friendship between Japan and North Korea 300 years ago, and expressed gratitude for his legacy. Afterwards, he visited the site of the Aren slope shaft being constructed on the west coast. Only the entrance has been built yet, but Hirofumi Sato and the Foundation say, ``We are trying to build something similar to what we did in Karatsu.We are making it a national project, and we are working hard to reach the day when the leaders of Japan and South Korea will hold a signing ceremony here in Tsushima.'' Hearing the president's talk, everyone in the group became determined to return to Shiga and work hard.



[Photo] Chairman Osamu Uno lays flowers at the grave of Dr. Yoshishu Amemori



[Photo] At the mouth of the Aren slope shaft in Tsushima. "Now then, let's go to Korea through the undersea tunnel!"



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