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Construction completed at the slope shaft site in Iki - April issue of site news

April 25th: The access road for construction vehicles for the construction of the Iki Ashibe Inclined Shaft entrance is completed.

From April 23rd to 25th, construction work was carried out on the access road for construction vehicles at the Japan-Korea Tunnel/Ashibe slope site in Iki, and the 6m wide and 150m long approach road was successfully completed. This marks the completion of the remaining part of the first phase of construction, which took place in September last year, with the road around the site being completed on the third day.

Next, construction work to install the tunnel entrance will be carried out. If a tunnel is constructed in Iki following Karatsu and Tsushima, it will create a clear image of a Japan-Korea tunnel heading toward the Korean Peninsula.


There were concerns about rain on the first day of construction, but it never rained, and the work progressed smoothly, with a road being built up to the planned level of the mine entrance. Due to the rain that continued through the night, the work on the second day was carried out in the afternoon, and the area around the planned site for the mine entrance (which had previously been covered in bamboo forest) was also cleared.

In the evening of that day, we used a backhoe to excavate a part of the cut area where the tunnel entrance was to be installed (width: 1.5 m, height: 5 m), and examined the condition of the soil in the cut area that was to be used for installation of the tunnel entrance. confirmed. Approximately 4 meters from the ground surface was weathered earth and sand (well-drained sandy soil mixed with cobblestones), and below that was hard clay ground. Since 4 meters of weathered earth and sand had accumulated, it was confirmed that a 1:1 slope (45°) is desirable for the cut slope. Additionally, on the third day, construction work was carried out on the road around the site. Trees that were causing obstacles were cut down and the ground was leveled using a backhoe, making it possible for heavy machinery to access the vicinity of the mine entrance from the detour road.


The Ashibe slope site is located on the east coast of Iki Island. The Japan-Korea Tunnel is planned to go north on the eastern seabed of Iki Island, and the tunnel (slanted shaft) that will be excavated starting from this tunnel entrance will be an advanced guide shaft (excavated before the main tunnel, which will be excavated before the main tunnel, and will be used to examine the geology, etc.). It will serve as a confirmation.After the main shaft is completed, it will be used for draining spring water, etc.).


[Photo] Day 1: A 100m vehicle access road has been completed from the city road in the upper left to the mine entrance step.


[Photo] Second day: Preparing the site before installing the mine entrance. A site covered in bamboo forest and weeds has been transformed into a tunnel construction site


[Photo] Examining the soil quality at the location where the mine will be opened. The red pile in the center is in the center of the tunnel, going towards the coast in front of you.


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