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A group of Peace Ambassadors Council members from Tokyo Tama conducts a site visit - March issue of the site newsletter

March 17: A group of Peace Ambassadors Council from Tokyo Tama inspects the slope shaft site in Karatsu.

March 24th: Precise surveying and drilling work to install the entrance to the Iki Ashibe Inclined Shaft On March 17th
, 19 people from the Tama area of ​​Tokyo inspected the Nagoya Inclined Shaft in Karatsu. After going to the tip of the 540-meter tunnel and touching it with his hands, the leader of the group, Secretary-General Yanai, said, ``There is a lot of history related to Korea and Japan in the Kanto region, but when I came to the Japan-Korea Tunnel site in Karatsu, I realized that the relationship between Korea and Japan is deep.'' I felt it even more strongly.


I felt the inseparable history of Japan and South Korea, and thought that the tunnel project should definitely come to fruition." He was enthusiastic and said, ``If we can shorten the external distance between Japan and South Korea and further connect them, the distance between Japan and South Korea will become closer.The tunnel is the only way to improve Japan-Korea relations.''


In addition, over two days on March 24th and 25th, three engineers from International Highway conducted precision surveying and drilling work in preparation for the installation of the tunnel entrance, which is scheduled for next year. Stakes have been driven around the planned tunnel entrance to indicate the location, allowing a concrete image of the center, both ends, top, and bottom of the tunnel. The Ashibe Diagonal Shaft, located on the east coast of Iki, is located on a limited site with the city road on the right and the sea on the left, but it is a working shaft for digging the main shaft and plays an important role, such as draining water from the tunnel heading towards Tsushima. .


The remaining one-third of the construction vehicle access road, which began in September last year, will be completed in late April. Once the access road to the tunnel is completed, the next step will be to install the tunnel, and the Japan-Korea Tunnel Project is approaching a historic day, with three tunnel openings in Karatsu, Iki, and Tsushima.




[Photo] Impressed by the progress of the highway project and renewed our determination to invigorate activities in Tokyo


201803_2[Photo] Planned mine entrance location The person on the left is in the center of the 6m diameter tunnel, the red stake is on the line on the right edge,
this second step facing the sea in the front is the top of the tunnel, and the third step is 6m below on the left of the photo. becomes the bottom of the tunnel


201803_3[Photo] The center of the photo is the entrance to the inclined shaft.
There is a city road above which route buses pass, and the winch will be installed nearby.The ground in front is an access road for construction vehicles that was created last fall.Construction is scheduled to begin in late April next month.


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