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The Japan-Korea tunnel is going viral in South Korea as well.

Word of mouth about the Aren Shaft in Tsushima is spreading in Korea as well.

``It seems that a tunnel is being dug in Tsushima from the west coast to South Korea.'' ``It seems that if you stay at a certain guesthouse, you can see the tunnel.''

Recently, such rumors have started to spread in Korea. The number of Korean tourists visiting Tsushima from South Korea is expected to reach 300,000 this year. Last year, there were 200,000 people, so this is 1.5 times more. Moreover, it is predicted that the number will rise to 400,000 next year.

In fact, a guesthouse that can accommodate 150 people is currently under construction with Korean capital, and a new bicycle rental shop for Koreans has opened and is thriving.


Amidst the recent circumstances in Tsushima, there were three on-site inspections of the Aren slope in the middle of this month. Thirty people visited from Gyesan on the 14th, 30 from Okcheon on the 19th, and 10 researchers from universities and academia from all over Korea visited on the 18th. The leader of this group of researchers heard that one of his students had toured the Japan-Korea Tunnel Nagoya Shaft in Karatsu, and contacted them about wanting to see the Nagoya Shaft in Tsushima.

He expressed his positive thoughts, saying, ``It's amazing what we're actually doing. I want to report to the Korean academic community and make various recommendations.''


The number of Koreans who visit the Nagoya Shaft in Karatsu annually reaches 2,000, and word of mouth has spread to Tsushima. North Korean missiles and President Moon Jae-in's policy toward Japan have been in the news in Japan, but with two years to go and the 70th anniversary of the Korean War, the international community is keeping an eye on whether the unification of the North and South will become a reality. situation.



[Photo] December 19th: Visitors from Okcheon, North Chungcheong Province. The next day, they will be walking and sightseeing in Izuwon City.



[Photo] Korean observers learning an overview of the tunnel project at the Koura office



[Photo] Izuhara Port, the gateway to Tsushima The high-rise building on the left is a domestic business hotel that opened in April this year

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