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30 children of “North Korean defectors” inspect the Japan-Korea tunnel site – August issue

■30 children of so-called "North Korean defectors" who escaped from North Korea and are living in South Korea inspect the Japan-Korea tunnel site

On July 26th, 30 so-called "North Korean defector" children, who were born in North Korea but risked their lives to flee their country to the South to escape political oppression, were held in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture. We inspected the site of the Japan-Korea Tunnel and Nagoya Diagonal Shaft. They received scholarships from the Hyojeong World Peace Foundation, which was established by Hak Ja Han, the widow of the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon, an advocate of the Japan-Korea tunnel, and this is their first time to receive scholarships from the Hyojeong World Peace Foundation. His visit to Japan was also made possible by this project of the Hyojeong World Peace Foundation. It was also the first time that the children of North Korean defectors were welcomed to the Karatsu Shaft site. I was surprised to learn that not only is Japan planning a highway that will cross the 38th parallel of the Korean peninsula from north to south, but construction has also begun on an undersea tunnel that will connect the peninsula with Japan.


President Hak Ja Han said, ``The reunification of the North and South will definitely come true.When that happens, these students will take the lead in making it happen.It is the young people who will firmly unite the North and South.''These young people have survived difficult circumstances. He says he has high hopes for the project. The leader also said that although there are some worries about overeating after coming from North Korea, where the food situation is poor, to South Korea, where there is plenty of food, there are many young people in South Korea who have a pure heart compared to young people in South Korea who have become accustomed to abundance. A person involved said: The group plans to spend two nights and three days sightseeing in Huis Ten Bosch and Kyushu.



[Photo] A souvenir is handed over to Director Okubo by the representative of the inspection team.



[Photo] After listening to the project concept, I peered 600 meters ahead from the mine entrance.



[Photo] In front of the mine entrance


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