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34 Korean UPF members inspect the Japan-Korea tunnel - September issue

34 Korean UPF members inspect the Japan-Korea Tunnel Tsushima/Aren Diagonal Site

On September 14th, a 34-member Busan UPF delegation from the Republic of Korea, led by Busan Chairman Park Sung-yeol, inspected the site of the Aren Shaft in Tsushima. Four or five of the members of the group had already visited the site of a diagonal tunnel in Karatsu, and were surprised to find that the same tunnel was in Tsushima, and moreover, tunnel construction had begun from the west coast of Tsushima toward South Korea. The Karatsu slant shaft is said to be becoming famous through word of mouth, but there are still very few people who visit the slant shaft site in Tsushima.


The UPF is independently lobbying the governments of both countries with the aim of peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula under the slogan "Peace Road," and has so far traveled major roads in Korea and Japan on bicycles called "Peace Bikes." He is also known for holding demonstrations calling for the ``unification of North and South.'' The ``Peace Road'' movement has gradually become known to the people of South Korea, and some cities have started to make it a public event, and the Japan-Korea Tunnel has also become known in connection with it. .


Currently, approximately 2,000 South Korean visitors visit the Karatsu Diagonal Mine site every year, and this has been going on for about three years, so it is no wonder that it is gradually becoming famous within South Korea.

Work to install the entrance to the Aren Shaft was completed in July 2014, and an opening ceremony was held in September.



[Photo] A group of UPF members from Busan, South Korea, inspecting the Aren Shaft site in Tsushima.



[Photo] Listening to the explanation by Katsuno Uchiyama, Director of Tsushima Office



[Photo] Appointed as a “Peace Ambassador” working on the Peace Road

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