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Iki/Ashibe Slanted Mine Construction begins for the installation of the tunnel entrance - October issue of site news

Construction has finally begun to install a tunnel entrance at the Ashibe Incline site in Iki. After mowing and surveying began on September 11th, road preparation work began on September 18th and continued until the 26th.

The purpose of this construction work is to create a ``120m road'' for construction vehicles to travel from the prefectural road to the planned mine entrance site.In the first phase of construction, 80m will be created from the prefectural road, and beyond that will be the second phase of construction. And so. This ``120m road'' is 8m wide and turns 90 degrees to the left 35m from the prefectural road entrance, forming an ``L'' shape and descending at a 7-degree slope.


At 9 a.m. on September 18, work began by using a backhoe to tear down the stone wall that had been built over several decades to protect the fields as well as a windbreak, and reassemble the stones as a stone wall for the road leading down from the prefectural highway. Work progressed smoothly, and by the final day, the 26th, we had exceeded the initial target of 60 meters and had completed the construction to 80 meters.

Although we were blessed with good weather, the great thing was that everyone worked together and felt the joy of being able to build the mine entrance and its work base in Iki, which they had been waiting for for 30 years. The second phase of construction is scheduled for next spring, and a tunnel entrance will appear in Iki, following in Karatsu 30 years ago and Tsushima three years ago.


[Photo] Construction began by using a backhoe to tear down a stone wall built on terraced fields. It was reused for the new road slope.



[Photo] 50m from the mine entrance The planned mine entrance site is one level below the right side of the photo.



[Photo] Embankment work was carried out to allow construction vehicles to enter the site, which is about 2 meters below the prefectural road.



[Photo] Construction road entrance seen from the prefectural road The stone wall protecting the road for 10-ton vehicles has been reassembled.

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