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Mega solar power generation starts next month - Genba Newsletter November issue

■Karatsu/Nagoya Shaft Lease of recreational land to contribute to the national policy of mega solar power generation business and reduce maintenance costs

In order to contribute to the government's renewable energy policy at the Nagoya Shaft site in Karatsu, we decided to use the idle land that would not interfere with the construction work for mega solar power generation, and the construction work that started in April will be completed and will start from December next month. It was decided to start generating electricity.


The 6,000 tsubo site will be leased to a solar power generation company, Mirai Karatsu Solar, for the next 20 years, and will generate approximately 1.5 megawatt hours of power. A 600m research pit has been dug at the Karatsu office, and maintenance costs such as electricity are required, but it is hoped that this will help cover the maintenance costs.



















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