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Japan-Korea tunnel future blueprint becomes concrete - Genba Newsletter December issue

■Karatsu, Iki, Tsushima Japan-Korea tunnel future blueprint becomes a concrete image - 2015 summary -


Each of the three sites moved forward as a diagonal base, and began to appear as a ``route'' connecting the points to a line. With the extension of the diagonal tunnel entrance in Tsushima, the completion of land clearing and the survey of the tunnel entrance in Iki, a plan to connect the area with Karatsu in the east and South Korea in the west has begun to emerge. I would like to summarize the progress made this year.


In June, construction work was carried out in Tsushima to extend the entrance to the Aren slope from 10 meters to 20 meters. This is a follow-up to the installation of the tunnel entrance in July last year, and the total length has increased to 20 meters, which can now be seen in satellite photos. In Iki, the clearing and access road (200m long road) to the Ashibe slope shaft base were completed in July, and precision surveying for the installation of the tunnel entrance was carried out the following August.

As a result, a construction plan has begun to be considered in which the pilot tunnel leading to the construction of the main tunnel will be dug in an east-northeast direction. In Karatsu, while guiding 1,500 visitors, a mega-solar power generation facility was completed and started operating in order to rent out recreational land and use it as maintenance fees.


Additionally, in July, a video production company in Tokyo filmed the event and created a promotional video (16 minutes). You can see at your fingertips the progress of the International Highway Initiative and the construction of the Japan-Korea tunnel that started it. Please use it.


①March: Planting 100 cherry blossom seedlings each in Tsushima and Iki



②June Tsushima Aren Slope Extending the tunnel entrance installed in July last year to 20m



③July Tsushima, Iki, Karatsu promotional video shooting



④August: Precise surveying for the installation of the tunnel entrance following land clearing for the Iki Ashibe Inclined Pit



⑤July Karatsu/Iki/Tsushima On-site inspection/tour 1,500 people per year




⑥November Karatsu Mega solar construction completed on rented recreational land and power generation started



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