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The first sunrise of the year and the first visitors of 2016 - Genba Newsletter January issue

◆Karatsu/Nagoya Shaft A spectacular first sunrise emerging from the dense fog

Saga Prefecture, which was about to welcome the new year 2016, was shrouded in thick fog. However, here at the Nagoya Shaft in Chinzei-cho, Karatsu City, it was a clear morning. The first report of the year sends out a vivid first sunrise.


At 7:38 a.m., on the first day, they began to appear from the listed plateau on the Higashimatsuura Peninsula in the east. 2016 is here. Brightness gradually spreads in the pitch-black tunnel grounds. The four minutes it took for the tip of the light to spread westward was a solemn moment when the sun had come. The facilities and buildings in the tunnel were illuminated by the sun, and the familiar sights of the daytime surrounded us.


Four days before last year's 50th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations between Japan and South Korea was about to end, dramatic steps were taken by the Japanese and South Korean governments, and I have a feeling that the Japan-Korea tunnel project that has been building up will take a big leap forward this year. I feel it. This year's first tunnel site tour was attended by 40 Korean middle and high school students. On January 5th, these children from Jeolla and Gyeonggi provinces took advantage of their day off to visit Japanese culture and hot springs. It is important that the children who will create the future of Japan and Korea understand the significance of the Japan-Korea Tunnel and have them experience the site. The tunnel project is already connecting Japan and South Korea.


I would like to wish all of you who support the International Highway and Japan-Korea Tunnel Project, the people of both countries, and everyone around the world all the best this year. We look forward to working with you this year.


[Photo] At 7:42am, the first day of 2016 appears in its entirety on the listed plateau



[Photo] The site and buildings begin to be illuminated on the first day



[Photo] First visitors of the year: Middle and high school students from Gyeonggi-do, Jeolla-do, South Korea January 5th

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