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Preparation for display of the Japan-Korea Tunnel Project - Genji Newsletter February issue

■Tsushima office under construction The 30-year history of this project will be exhibited

Tsushima has been focusing on on-site construction, including installing the Aren mine entrance two years ago and extending it to 20 meters last year, but an office is being set up so that visitors can learn about the construction progress and history so far. is.



[Photo] Koura Office, Tsushima, opposite the Aren Shaft site on the west coast


The office is located in Koura, Izuhara Town, which is located in what is now Fuchu, Tsushima, and has Izuhara Port, the gateway to the sea, and is a 10-minute drive from the ferry terminal. It used to be located next to the only national highway that runs 80 km from north to south, but in recent years, the national highway has been built straight through the mountains, so it has been moved away from the national highway. However, it remains an important point in the Japan-Korea tunnel project.


Tsushima's population has continued to decline, and from a peak of 90,000 people, it now only barely exceeds 30,000. The restaurant district, which used to be crowded with squid fishing boats calling at the port, has gone completely quiet. Instead, 200,000 Koreans flock to the country each year, and the tourism industry is barely surviving. There are a lot of Koreans walking around town, and there seem to be many repeat customers, so you can hear Korean spoken in the supermarkets, which only locals go to. Even the ferry terminal has to be divided into sections for Japanese and foreigners. This island is the closest foreign country to Korea.

The concepts and consciousness of modern nations have created national borders and created conflicts. However, on the other hand, it serves as a point of contact for exchange. The border town of Tsushima is an island with deep meaning for both Japan and East Asia.



[Photo] Tsushima's seaside gateway, Izuhara Port. As the name suggests, the waves are rough.


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