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Ms. Bunzenshin inspects Karatsu Nagoya Diagonal Shaft - Genji Newsletter October issue

◆On September 28, Sun-jin Moon, the daughter of President Sun Myung Moon, who advocated the Japan-Korea tunnel, inspected the Nagoya slope in Karatsu
. It began when South Korea's great religious leader, President Sun Myung Moon, proposed the idea of ​​an international highway from Beijing through Pyongyang and Seoul to Tokyo at the International Congress of Scientists. President Moon passed away the year before last, and unfortunately he was unable to personally inspect construction sites in Karatsu and other areas. However, in the afternoon of September 28, when his daughter, Moon Seong-jin, visited Japan to give a lecture, she toured the Japan-Korea Tunnel and Nagoya Shaft in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture.



Chairman Masuo Oe reported on the progress of this project over the 35 years since its proposal. ``Currently, the mine has been dug to a depth of 600 meters in Karatsu, and the opening ceremony was held in Tsushima in July of this year.The Korean media also visited the site for coverage and reported on it.'' It was reported that both countries are making efforts to upgrade the project to a national project. Ms. Sun-jin, who is involved in peace activities in the Americas, said, ``It's wonderful that Japan and South Korea are connected. I hope it becomes a national project soon.'' She expressed her expectations for the Japan-Korea tunnel. .


Afterwards, they went up to the observation deck at the top of the tunnel and listened intently to an explanation of the route the tunnel would take while looking out over the Genkai Sea and the Iki Islands 28km away. He also visited the tip of the inclined shaft and got a first-hand experience of the tunnel concept.



A commemorative ginkgo tree was also planted on the grounds of the observatory, as a symbol of enthusiasm for future progress. The grounds are beautiful with cherry blossoms and pine trees, and in the future, the two yellow ginkgo trees will become landmarks from the sea and from Asia.


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