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Progress in cutting down miscellaneous trees - November issue of Genba Newsletter

◆Iki, Ashibe Investigation Progress is being made to cut down trees for the inclined shaft site Maintenance
work was carried out on the east coast site of Iki Island, which is the route of the Japan-Korea Tunnel.
Continuing with the work from last fall to January this year, work trucks were used to clear trees with chainsaws, pruning branches, and use chainsaws for two days from September 1st, two days from September 26th, and three days from October 24th. Work was carried out to secure a passable road. This project aims to construct a base for a research slope in Iki, following the installation of the Tsushima research slope in an "opening ceremony" on September 11th.


[Photo] Light has returned to the once dense site.


The work was carried out by three people including Director Iki, and despite being bitten by ants nesting in the standing trees, the work proceeded smoothly under the blue sky. Light enters the site, which was once densely covered with thickly coiled vines and overgrown miscellaneous trees, and the stone wall that had been piled up to protect the site appears, reminding us of our predecessors who developed and cared for this island. The traces of their hardships are remembered. As I rubbed my hand, which was covered in scars from the thorns of the wild brambles, I was reminded of what a wonderful and beautiful island it was. Work will continue in November, and the hope is that next year technical committee members will be able to use work vehicles to conduct precise measurements of the Ashibe survey slope.

[Photo] A path that was blocked by a growing bamboo forest was cleared.


Genba Newsletter November 2014 issue (PDF viewing/download)

  • Progress is being made in cutting down miscellaneous trees - News from the field...

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