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Sisterhood ceremony between Korea and Japan undersea tunnel research groups

On the afternoon of the 9th, in Fukuoka, Japan, Seo Wi-taek (right), co-representative of the Korea-Japan Tunnel Study Group on the Korean side, and Kyushu Liaison Council for the Realization of the Japan-Korea Tunnel on the Japanese side sign a sisterhood agreement. Reporter Min So-young


Research groups from both countries gathered in Fukuoka, Japan, to reaffirm their commitment to moving forward with the South Korea-Japan submarine tunnel construction proposal, which has been under discussion for more than 10 years.

On the afternoon of the 9th, a sisterhood ceremony was held in Fukuoka between the Korea-Japan Tunnel Study Group on the Korean side and the Kyushu Liaison Council for Japan-Korea Tunnel Realization on the Japanese side. Dongmyeong Culture Academy President Seo Ewi-taek, co-representative of the Korea-Japan Tunnel Study Group, as well as Busan National University President Jeong Ho-hwan, Busan University of Education President Oh Sae-bok, and others visited Fukuoka. On this day, Busan National University President Jeong Ho-hwan gave a lecture on the theme of ``The Future of East Asia, the Korea-Japan Tunnel.''


The Korea-Japan Tunnel Study Group was established in 2008, and the Japan-Korea Tunnel Realization Kyushu Liaison Council was established in 2016, both of which have advocated both domestically and internationally for the legitimacy of undersea tunnel construction.
This sisterhood relationship between the two organizations was realized after the Korean side proposed it to the Japanese side. A source from the study group said, ``The idea is to actively exchange exchanges between Korea and Japan with the goal of constructing a Korea-Japan tunnel.'' On this day, at the sisterhood ceremony, there was also a proposal to change the name of the undersea tunnel connecting Britain and France to ``Asia Undersea Tunnel'' instead of ``Korea-Japan Tunnel'' and ``Japan-Korea Tunnel,'' like ``Eurotunnel,'' which is an undersea tunnel that connects France. Served.


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Japanese translation of the original Korean text of the Busan Ilbo on March 10, 2019 Sisterhood
ceremony of the Korea-Japan submarine tunnel research group


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